9 Incredible Free Websites Perfect For Starting A Business

large (2)When you’re just starting out it is always wise to exhaust all the free tools you can get too before spending money on hiring extra help. Luckily the web is filled with tons of free resources for entrepreneurs and startups no matter how far along you are in your project. Below are some of my favorite tried and true sites that make the day to day of running my business so much easier.

#1 Startup Stash

This site is a huge directory of tools and resources all categorised so you can easily find what you are looking for. My favorite is the ‘naming’ tab filled with sites that help you brainstorm and come up with the perfect name for your new business or project.

#2 Canva

I use this website daily to make perfect sized instagram photos, make collages needed for my business and have used to design all of my logos. It is very easy to use, it gives you professional results that you achieve by simply using their drag and drop tools.

#3 Fiverr

Fiverr is a huge marketplace filled with talented graphic designers and marketers that can help you jump-start small projects. The best part? Every service has a starting price of only $5, it is easy to find someone to work with without fear of spending too much upfront.

#4 MailChimp

Truly one of the best sites for organizing your mailing lists and sending out beautifully designed e-mail. I cannot believe this tool is free!


‘If this then that’ this is a website that puts the internet to work for you. I use it to automate my social media by setting up one of their ‘recipes’. When I post to instagram the image gets added to Twitter (via an image post), Pinterest, Tumblr and Facebook!

#6 Squarespace Logo Creator

This is an easy logo maker that helps you get something drawn up quickly for your project. The image quality is excellent and no one will know you paid nothing to get a cool logo.

#7 Hootsuite

Checking through all of your social media channels can be a pain and often times you forget to check something. Hootsuite is a beautiful platform that organizes and lets you review all your social media happenings in one place!

#8 Wave

As an entrepreneur it is critical to stay on top of your accounting and expenses. Wave links up to your bank accounts and tracks and categorizes your business expenses. It even lets you make invoices.

#9 Stocksnap

This is the perfect site for when you need a beautifully shot photo for a blog post or for marketing materials. All photos are completely free to use and very high quality.

Let us know what your favourite apps and sites are, and if any of these helped you out in creating your business. If you need to know some essential tips for starting a business with no money, read this!

Written by Maria Oliveira

  1. Awesome post! I especially liked the suggestion Stocksnap. I’m always on the lookout for new stock images that properly represent my brand. Will definitely be sharing this :)

  2. Especially love the link to startup stash – I’m a “tools junkie” and this is a treasure trove of resources. Wave, Canva and Mailchimp are awesome for starting out, but also serve seasoned solopreneurs too.

  3. Hi Maria
    Thanks for this fantastic list.

    I also use/recommend
    * PicMonkey for graphics, headers and backgrounds as it is more versatile than Canva (although I still love Canva!)
    * Tinypng for compressing your images before uploading to the web
    * CreativeMarket for all sorts of graphics, fonts, images, etc.


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