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9 Perfect Office Proof Bags For Every Career

main.original.585x0 (4)Finding a bag suitable for the office is a hard task, it needs to be practical and look professional. But just as every office is different, so too are the requirements for the perfect bag to suit it.

Maybe you’re a busy commuter caught in the chaos of London at rush hour, maybe you’re a freelancer in New York who has multiple meetings a day and needs to carry everything but the kitchen sink in her bag, maybe your office environment is so laid back you can’t seem to find a work bag that suits your needs and still looks casual.

Whatever your office situation, rest assured we’ve rounded up some of the best bags to suit every type of career girl.

Bags Perfect For: The Commuter 

main.original.585x0 (4)

Photo: Stockholm Streetstyle


The commuter is a busy career girl, found working in large cities such as London and New York. This type of career girl has no time to worry about the whereabouts of her bag (or contents falling out of it), the only thing she’s focused on is having a free hand to drink her morning coffee with.

#1 The Beige Slouchy Handbag from River Island has two straps for two methods of carrying; a long strap for over-the-shoulder-wear and a handheld strap to slot your arm into. It’s large enough to house your office items and the neutral colour makes it suitable for the office and is much less dull than black.

#2 This Zip Top Bag from ASOS is quite possibly the perfect bag for commuters. It doubles as both a backpack and a handheld bag so you can sling it on your back during the commute and then wear it on your arm as soon as you enter the office! With a zip across the top you needn’t worry about the safety of your belongings either – sorted!

#3 The GUCCI Reversible Tote is ideal for the commuter who likes to mix up her work wardrobe. The tote has two sides, plain black and the brand’s signature GG print. Show the plain black side to tone down a bold outfit or show the printed side to break up an all-black outfit.

Bags Perfect For: The Casual Career Girl


Photo: We Wore What

The casual employee may work from home or in a relaxed office environment. She needs a bag big enough to fit all of her essentials in that won’t look too formal. This type of career girl doesn’t need a sophisticated bag to show she means business because she effortlessly smashes workwear-casual every time.

#1 This Corduroy Backpack from ASOS has a relaxed feel and is large enough for all the essentials. This backpack will add an informal edge to any work outfit and look great in the colder months.

#2 ASOS’ Slouch Hobo Bag in Black is just the right amount of casual and would look great with a bright colour like orange.

#3 This Unlined Leather Shopper in Nude is big enough to fit everything in and has a relaxed fit to mirror the casual career girl’s relaxed approach to business.

Bags Perfect For: The Fashionista


Photo: Stockholm Streetstyle

This fashionable career girl is bang on trend and knows that heavy embellishments, box bags, animals print and clutch bags are what’s hot for 2015. She doesn’t let the fact that she’s in an office rain on her fashion parade, she embraces the challenge and makes it work.

#1 The Pandora Bag is Givenchy’s answer to the box bag trend. With Western-inspired brown appliqués, amber crystals and polished silver studs this bag is a sure fire way to stand out as a fashionable office member.

#2 This Oversized Embroidered Clutch by Dries Van Noten is large enough to hold the essentials and would work perfectly with cropped black trousers, black patent heels and a black turtle neck.

#3 This Oversized Clutch from ASOS is smart enough for the office and spot on the oversized clutch trend.

Need more advice on what to wear to work? Take a look at these 10 workwear essentials every twentysomething should own.

We’d love to hear from you! What kind of career girl are you?


  1. MissLilly says

    I relate to the commuter one, except that I actually travel every week so need something I can throw in all my important items and that allows me to go hands free (as I have luggage in 1 hand). so my style is pretty much something like this:

  2. Jules says

    I always have so much thing in my bag that I could never use a clutch unless is a nigh tout were I only need my card, phones and a lipstick. Im all for the casual bag.


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