9 Pieces Of Career Advice Every 20-Something Needs


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If you’re losing sleep over work and finding that ‘career’ is the only C word in your vocabulary, this is for you. We are all pretending to adult deep down and to prove it here are 9 essential home truths about your career every 20 something needs to know.

#1 It is ok to not know what you want to do

The best way to find out? Try everything, be open to paths less defined and connect with those in positions you’re inspired by to get a better understanding and see if it is right for you.

#2 You will screw up

It’s how you handle it that defines your value in the workplace. Mistakes happen, just make sure you learn from them and honestly communicate with your boss when they do.

#3 Don’t be afraid of periods without progression

You don’t always have to be charging ahead, make time to reflect on how far you’ve come and honor your own rest time (read: keep away from those emails!).

#4 Keep dreaming but don’t miss the present moment

It is great to think of the long-term goal, but check in with your values, goals, and instincts every day to help keep you on a career path that works for you.

#5 ALWAYS be kind and professional

Even with those nightmare clients or insufferable colleagues. You never know who will pop back up later on in your career and in what position, so it is crucial that you give them only good things to remember you by.

#6 Be open to change

Millennials are living in the age of the digital nomad and portfolio career. The chances of you staying in one industry or position for your entire working life are increasingly small. Keep an open mind and see where it takes you!

#7 You’ll never ‘make’ it

There will always be more to learn and change is the only constant. Embrace it with a ‘can do’ attitude and appreciation, recognition and opportunities will find their way to you.

#8 Life is too short

If you feel underrated or undervalued, find another way. If it is not making you come alive it is not for you. You deserve to be happy in your career right now and not just 45 years down the line.

#9 It will all be ok in the end

Find what lights you up and be brave enough to follow it. Your passion will shine through and with dedication, hard work, and a little faith – you can do what you love for a living.

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  • Marianne

    Thank you so much for this post! I’ve just started University and sometimes it feels like we are expected to have ‘it all figured out’.
    I’ll just keep on dreaming, working hard and being positive and open and I’ll figure it out eventually :)

  • Peppermint Dolly

    Excellent write up – always good to remind ourselves of these important facts!


  • Camille Beygui

    Thanks ! I really needed that

  • Tanja Todorovic

    Thanks <3

  • Fernweh Society

    I think the point of not being afraid of periods with no progression is key. I feel like young professional women feel like they need to perpetually be moving ahead <3 Thanks for this!

  • Margaret Roland

    In that period of no progression, do diligence, gain knowledge for the next step and beyond.

  • Destiny Joelivia Malcolm

    This is actually perfect. I’m going to write this & put them on my wall !! thank you xxx

  • Jennifer Nordine

    This is so great! Appreciate the share – great reminder that “it will all be okay in the end” :)


  • Misc Bliss

    Love this! I can definitely relate to it — felt there was so much pressure to figure out “who I was” in my early twenties, when really, it’s just about enjoying the ride and doing what brings you joy. Thanks for sharing — this will help so many of us :)

    Steph | Misc. Bliss

  • Lauren Espino

    This is absolutely inspiring :)

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