8 Undeniable Reasons Why Every Career Girl Should Take Notes From Kim Kardashian

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 23.14.11Okay so we hear you, Kim Kardashian-West became a household name thanks to a sex tape. How many entrepreneurs and business women can say that? Not many, I bet. And although a lot of us are quick to point out that it’s not a great foundation to build your reputation on, Kim’s kind of managed to work that in her favour. She’s an extremely savvy girl and has proved that she isn’t just going to fade away, whether you love or hate her, here are just some of the ways she’s proved herself as a career girl worthy of taking notes from!

#1 She fares well under pressure

Kim is constantly criticised and pulled apart, her integrity is questioned at every turn and people question her wealth and the motives behind everything she does. Imagine if you faced that every day that you dressed yourself to go to work. I’m just grateful that my skirt is on the right way round most of the time! Of course you could argue that Kim knew what she was getting herself into when she signed up to be famous, but all that negativity must have a psychological effect on her. Imagine how she felt when, during her pregnancy, many tabloids and TV personalities openly commented about her weight. This kind of pressure is never put on a male reality star, or indeed anyone in a normal career, but Kim fares well under the pressure and has a realistic approach to all of the negativity. You’ve got to give it to her, the girl has taken a bashing in the media and has managed to avoid any public meltdowns – so far.

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#2 She makes deals that benefit her

  Any other normal person would be praised no end if they could be entrepreneurial and release a fragrance, a jewellery line, a clothing line, an app, manage multiple brand collaborations and run a clothing store, but for Kim it’s all in a day’s work. She ignores the haters and makes the deals that benefit her, you have to be savvy in at least some of the things you’re putting your name towards to avoid embarrassment and her store could easily flop if she and her sisters weren’t investing time, money and effort into it.  

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#3 She can hold her own at a tech conference!

By showing up at the Re/Code tech conference, Kim wowed a lot of people who didn’t think she would show an interest in their industry. I mean, not many people had even heard of the conference before Kim appeared on it, and she could’ve easily said no because that kind of conference wasn’t popular with her fans but she wanted to talk about her app with people who appreciated the tech world. At the most she could prove that tech is an emerging female industry and actually inspire young girls to enter the industry. Although people were quick to jeer that she’s successful for showing off her boobs and butt and not much else, she made in excess of $200 million from the mobile app, and as the co-creator she makes around $700K a day in earnings, and has shown that she’s way more successful than any normal emerging app developer. She’s willing to regularly meet with her team and keep the game relevant to make sure it excites fans (and non-fans) and keeps them playing!

#4 She shows her boobs and butt

Yeah, that’s one of the biggest criticisms against Kim. She’s only famous for getting naked, she’s trashy, she’s not a good role model. Kim is the symbol of body positivity, she isn’t tiny, those hips don’t lie, and she likes to show them off. So what? How is that even an argument against her success? Most celebrities hype up their sex appeal to sell a product and they know that their face and name is a brand that people will buy. Kim’s body doesn’t undermine the success she’s had with her app, the dedication she’s shown to designing her website and the intelligence she has about the tech and mobile app industry or the many other things she’s developed and put her name towards.


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#5 She’s a mother, too

  Yeah guys, she’s a mummy. She hasn’t yet been photographed holding a soggy nappy with huge bags under her eyes and stains down her t-shirt, and I think that alone is a massive achievement. In fact the way she manages to be photographed looking perfect pretty much all the time is an achievement in itself. I once had my make-up done by a professional make-up artist and it had all rubbed off on my top by the end of the day, I couldn’t stop pulling my false eyelashes and the eventual photographs had me looking like I was haunted by a vengeful ghost. Let’s be honest, not many people have time to look photo perfect everyday, shit probably takes hours.  

#6 She supports the economy

  Did you actually know that celebrities help the economy? I mean think of all the jobs Kim’s perfume line created? What would the tech team that run her app be doing without her, surely they make a lot of money too, think of their families! If you don’t believe me, I actually did some research, so there. According to Research in Economic Anthropology Volume 22 by Brian Moeran “celebrities’ actions have important strategic and financial implications for the corporations whose products they endorse. As cultural mediators, they give commodities personalities and perform across different media, linking different cultural fields into an integrated name economy.” I think that means I was right, I think.  

#7 She knows the value of social media

  She doesn’t have an intern thoughtfully typing away on the keyboard for her, no sir, she uses Twitter and Instagram like a machine, always sharing something for people to obsess over. Even when she accidentally gets herself in the middle of a feud between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift, she’s still there, typing away, sharing selfies from all over the world. She knows that social media is a great way to engage with fans (and foes) and keep people interested in what you’re up to.  

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#8 Her family are cute

Yeah, I’m not going to lie, when I watched ‘KUWTK’ for the first time I immediately thought of my siblings. You can see they have a very healthy family dynamic despite all the craziness that fame brings to them, I like seeing those moments when they’re scathingly catty and mean to each other because it reminds me that they’re totally normal. And let’s be honest who doesn’t love the episodes where Kim cries because the others are bullying her?

Whatever you think of her, you can’t deny she’s got a good thing going on. She took the time to create a mood board for her new website, she understands the importance of cohesion in a brand and she knows what an upcoming area the tech world is. Sure she’s done some questionable things (sex tape, 72 day marriage) but I guess we can all look at ourselves and say we’ve made mistakes (maybe not that big!) Yeah, she’s actually pretty powerful, famous and successful, and she shares a lot of her life with the public which puts high demands on her, but you can still see she’s just part of a normal family that made a name for themselves in an abnormal world!

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    Great article! I think Kim is a great business role model and there’s so much that any entrepreneur can learn from her. She knows her brand, her audience, and most importantly what she wants. All the criticism is part of her success and she knows how to leverage it. The sex tape was only a catalyst, not the foundation of her empire.


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