9 Awesome Facebook Groups and Pages You Really Need To Join

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We all have a bit of a love affair with Facebook, whether we’re checking up on old friends or downloading new sticker packs to send to our siblings in messages (business fish is by far the best – just in case you were wondering) we squander quite a lot of time refreshing our newsfeed again and again. If you’re wondering how you can waste even more time on Facebook, and maybe make some new friends, check out this list of awesome Facebook groups and pages you really need to join.

Ladypreneur Facebook Group

This Facebook group is perfect for all career girls who are within the realms of online business. There are hundreds of members, daily prompts, support and resources to help you build your online business for beginners or people who already have a successful online business but need an established community. The group is organised by Jessica Rea, there are organised threads that run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and it’s an overall pretty kick-ass community to join.

Career Girl Daily Facebook Page

Did you think I’d forget to mention our Facebook page? Of course not! If you’re looking for a condensed version of what you see on the site, from all our best posts to links, motivational quotes and inspiring round-ups from the web you just have to check us out. Not that I’m biased or anything.

Creative’s Corner Facebook Group

This group is invaluable for creative entrepreneurs, it’s filled with resources and challenges to help grow your brand. This is a private Facebook group for subscribers of Julie Harris’s monthly Creative Genius Newsletter. All you have to do to join is sign up to the newsletter here and download the group challenge workbook.  Julie updates the member list every Monday! If you’re looking for savvy business mixed with creativity, check it out and request access after subscribing!

Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls Facebook Page

Yup, our fave actress Amy Poehler started a website with producer Meredith Walker that emphasises the weird, wonderful uniqueness of smart girls. The whole idea behind the site was to create a place where girls can just be themselves, to inspire a community that embraces the weird and wonderful parts of life and seeks to improve themselves through intelligence and learning. This Facebook group is a smart feed of all the things featured on the site plus a round-up of links that will inspire and motivate you.

Design Your Own Blog Facebook Group

This Facebook group is for you if you’re interested in blogging and want to do it yourself. There are tips and tricks to help you create a blog you’re proud of and daily themes to help you tackle different areas of your blog that you’re struggling with. It’s also an awesome way to add new bloggers to your faves and network with cool women.

By Regina Facebook Page

By Regina is here to help if you’re embarking on an entrepreneurial or blogging journey. Sometimes all you need is helpful resources, advice and a cool person who cares about your business and shares other people’s work with you. Minimal effort, maximum coolness.

Elembee Facebook Page

Lisa Butler is the creative coach you’ve been waiting for, she’s worked with writers, artists, bloggers and businesses and helped them unlock their true vision and design it beautifully. She’s a pro on all things tech and design and her website is as beautifully designed as it is invaluable. Follow the page for bites of invaluable advice from the site, cute pics of her dog and general advice on how to be awesome online!

Being Boss Facebook Group

Being boss is a collaboration between two awesome ladies, Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson. These two are forces to be reckoned with alone but combined are even better for your business, blog or creative idea. They’ve created an awesome podcast at love being boss for your audio pleasure, and a closed Facebook group to accompany it, so you can join and chat with others about the advice, ideas and insights you listened to in the podcast. Pretty awesome!

Olyvia Media Facebook Page

You don’t realise how much you need Erika Madden in your life until you click on her site. She offers fresh, no fuss advice on everything from blogging to website design and will teach you how to increase traffic to your site or optimise a web page for business with a unique voice and a fresh perspective. Her Facebook page is a streamlined chunk of her webby goodness, but she praises other people’s work and will tell you 100% what worked for her!


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