9 Things We All Pretend To Do At Work But Actually Don’t

photo: EJ Style


Hey, we all have bad habits at work—and while some are worse than others, there are some that don’t hurt anyone. How many times have you pretended to do something, when it wasn’t entirely the case?

1. Promise yourself you’ll stop browsing social media

How many times do you tell yourself that you’ll install blocker software soon to stop you from checking Facebook online?

2. Pretend you know what your boss is talking about

Hands up if you nod and smile when your boss is talking about current issues while furiously Googling it on your phone so you won’t say something stupid.

3 Try to hide the fact you’re on YouTube

That’s right, we know you turned your giggles into coughs to mask the fact that you’re watching cat videos.

4 Hate it when people sing Happy Birthday to us 

Yeah, we blush and say “Oh stop,” but we love it. Come on, everyone loves Happy Birthday. And cake!

5 Be suuuuper excited about Joanne in Accounting’s baby shower

Again—CAKE! You just probably don’t want to see all the photos on a reel for the next week.

6 Take notes at a meeting

You’re really seeing how many anagrams you can make out of your own name.

7 Be really interested in the photos on your boss’s desk

Whether you’re only doing it to make conversation or building to bad news, you know you’re only asking about the photos on your boss’s desk because you need to get in their good graces.

8 Know what a pivot table is.

I mean, we all have an idea, but have you ever tried explaining a pivot table to someone?

9 Still be on an important call while you check Instagram

You took an important call, so the fact that you’ve walked outside for better reception means that you can stay outside just a little bit longer and check Instagram.


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