9 Things To Do When You’re Home Alone On The Weekend

Weekends don’t always have to live up to their party name; sometimes we just need a little downtime. While it’s great to let your hair down and spend time with your friends, having some alone time to just be by yourself is really important too.If the thought of not having your usual weekend plans is a little daunting to you, and you feel as though you will have nothing to do, here are 9 things you can do when you’re home alone on the weekend:

‘Finally read that book that your friend recommend to you months ago’

We’re always busy, and it’s easy for a list of things you wish you had the time for to quickly build up. You have good intentions, but after a busy day little things like reading a book get pushed to the back of your priorities. With time alone to yourself, and more importantly no interruptions, take the time to do something that you always feel too busy for.

‘Eat your way through the fridge’

As much food as you could desire with absolutely no judgement, what could be better? Eat as much as you like, and use the excuse that with it just being you at home you don’t want good food to go to waste.

‘Have an endless TV marathon’

With no one talking and making you miss the important bit of your favourite show, and no judgement that you are completely wasting your day, you’ll be able to enjoy hours of laziness that will leave you feeling completely content.

‘Take over the kitchen and cook’

Alone time with no one to get in your way is the perfect opportunity to get experimental in the kitchen. Cover the surfaces in pots and pans, and try all those recipes you’ve read in magazines but never thought you’d be able to attempt.

‘Take a long, hot bubble bath’

Peace and quiet is the perfect environment to finally get that moment of relaxation that you’ve been looking forward to all week. Light some candles, pour yourself a glass of wine and let yourself unwind.

‘Have a tidy’

Having free time is a great chance to get yourself together and make sure everything’s in order. Throwing out what you no longer need, and having a clean to make everything feel fresh will help you to have a mind as tidy as your home.

‘Get some air’

Being cooped up inside all day can easily become boring and you might find that you feel fidgety quickly. Just something as simple as taking a short walk will give you the fresh air that you need, and help to make your weekend much more satisfying.

‘Online shopping’

After a long week you need to make sure you reward yourself. Rather than go outside and brave the crowds to shop, snuggle up and order yourself some lovely treats from the comfort of your own home.


While the above all sounds enjoyable, it’s easy to become restless when you have a day on your own. If you hate the gym, and see exercise as just another way to embarrass yourself, then make the most of the privacy of your own home. Yoga, Zumba or a workout DVD will help you to feel good about yourself, and not so bad about all the food and lying around.

Photo: New York Fashion Hunter

  • Amal

    These truly are the best weekends! <3
    Love from Belgium,


  • Lauren

    Love all of these! Living by myself I often spend time alone x


  • Krista

    The weekend isn’t over yet.. I want to do all of these today! After a week of driving around to different parts of town for holiday and new years get togethers, although fun, I am exhausted. A weekend home is just what I need.

  • NYC Style Cannoli

    Love these and I have been doing most of them. Last year was my first year living solo and I am hoping 2016 will be much better and brighter!

  • Zoe Mountford

    These are all thing I love to do! especially online shopping and eating trough my fridge x

    Zoe Mountford x

  • Camille

    Sounds like my weekends (can’t wait for that – already ! urgh), except the exercise part … I really need to !