9 Tips For A Perfect Phone Interview

Phone interviews can feel a little uncomfortable as it can be difficult to build rapport with the person on the other end. Following these 9 tips will ensure you make an instant connection as well as leaving a lasting impression.

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Dress to impress!
The person on the other end of the line might not be able to see you but getting dressed into something that makes you feel good will instantly put you into “I want this job” mode. Check out the Nordstrom sale here and here or our article about the 10 best affordable online shopping sites for girls on a budget!

Go somewhere quiet
Sounds obvious, but if you can’t hear the questions and they can’t hear your answers then it’s unlikely to end up in a successful outcome. Taking yourself somewhere quiet will also make sure no one disturbs and that you don’t get distracted by things happening around you.

Clear your desk
You might be tempted to write out answers in preparation but rustling through papers is not only a distraction for both of you, but also wastes precious time. If you’ve got key points that you want to get across then write them out on post-it notes and stick them up in front of you. This will help focus your answers whilst still sounding natural.

Use a headset
This will free up your hands and make you feel more comfortable, particularly if you are someone who likes to use lots of hand gestures. You may feel a little strange at first, but it’ll allow you to speak more fluidly which will help you to come across more authentically.

Don’t slouch!
Your posture directly influences the way you feel, which naturally impacts the impression you give. Whilst the sofa might be comfy, sitting up straight will instantly make you feel more profession and powerful which will reflect in your answers.

Watch your pace and tone
Sometimes it’s hard to get the tone right, especially when you’re talking with someone on the phone that you’ve never met. Try to match the tone and pace of your interviewer and then if you need to, slow down your speech. Listen to their language to get the right feel between friendly and professional.

Show you’re listening
As you don’t have eye contact, it’s important to show you are actively listening. Simply saying “Yes”, “I see”, “I understand”, “OK” or any other phrase you’d normally use will show you’re engaged in the conversation.

Don’t be afraid to ask for time to reflect
Whilst silence can sometimes feel awkward on the phone, if you need time to reflect before answering a question, then ask for it. Just taking 5-10 seconds to think through your answer will stop you from waffling and add focus and conviction to your response.

Do your research
Even though a phone interview is usually a more informal conversation to check your initial suitability for a role, it’s still worth doing your research on the company to show you know your stuff. Don’t wait for the face-to-face interview to impress them with your knowledge, show yourself off at the first opportunity.

Written by Hayley Wintermantle.

  1. These were all really great tips – I just had a phone interview the other day and while it does take more effort to get your personality to shine through via the telephone, it is doable and these are all great tips.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

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