9 Quick and Easy Summer Hair Hacks That You Need To Try


Late August is upon us, and although fall is approaching there’s still some sunshine left, a lot of us are enjoying our holidays right now, too, and soaking up some much needed sun! However, humidity and strong sunshine make it hard to pull off your best hairstyle. But don’t worry, we have the best hair hacks to help you pull off the best summer style!

1. Half-bun

It’s the sister of the now famous “man bun”, the quarter topknot that everyone loves. This messy and carefree take on the ballerina bun is just perfect for the hot summer days and it works at the office as well as it does at the beach! You can even spritz your hair with an anti-humidity salt spray like Balmain Paris Hair Couture Texturising Salt Spray to get a truly messy beachy look.

2. Argan Oil

If you are spending your holidays on the beach or swimming like a mermaid in a pool, it is fundamental to moisturize your hair with Argan or Coconut oil. Chlorine and salt from the sea dry out hair causing brittle broken ends, especially if your hair is dyed you will need something rich in moisture to revive it. Invest in something luxurious like Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil or make your own with honey and raw coconut oil, simply mix one tablespoon of each in a bowl and apply to your hair and leave-in for ten minutes before washing out as normal.

3. Low maintenance braids

If you want the beach waves but hate the fuss then fix your hair in a loose braid. The looser the braid the bigger the waves! Spritz with some salt spray or a curling spray like John Frieda Dream Curls Curl Perfecting Spray to help hold your beautiful soft waves when you take out the braid.

4. Shower before you swim!

Salt water and chlorine can terribly damage your hair so to prevent it apply tap water before going for a swim. There’s a reason for those showers by the pool, stand underneath them before you dive into the pool and minimise the damage done to your hair!

5. Sun-kissed highlights

Most of us spend hours trying to get a tan and sun-kissed highlights. If your hair is prone to getting lighter in the sun, squeeze a lemon on your hair before you sunbathe or apply John Frieda’s Beach Blonde Sea Waves Salt Spray, it adds texture, smells like Malibu and is super lightweight. It might even lighten your hair a little bit!

6. Study the labels!

When choosing a product it is important to read the labels in order to be sure to buy what you actually need. If you have frizzy hair that gets worse during summer, you need to look out for products that are hydrating, anti-humidity, are sulphate-free, have UV protection and are alcohol-free. Likewise if you struggle with greasy or oily hair you don’t want any products that are heavy and will weigh down your hair. Be sure to check out the reviews before you  purchase something.

7. Dry your hair with a T-shirt

Drying your hair with a towel can zap the moisture from your hair and make it harder to style later on, so instead use the smooth cotton of an old T-shirt, not only will it help to create a cute style (hello waves) but it will banish all the frizz and stop your hair from looking roughed-up when you frantically dry it.

8. Protect your scalp

Applying sunscreen to your scalp isn’t really advisable, but nobody wants a raw, red scalp. If you’re not a big fan of hats, pour some suncream into a spray bottle and spritz it over your scalp to give you some protection without making your hair look greasy.

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Editorial photos: Tiffany B, Lulus

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