9 Genius Ways To Massage Everything That Hurts


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Feel like you’ve got an actual weight on your shoulders? Or a backache that just won’t stop? Or you’ve worn in some new shoes and are feeling the effects? We’ve all been there!<

But now you can overcome those sore muscles without resorting to a trip to the masseuse by simply giving yourself a massage! We found some techniques you can use to work out the knots as well as movements you can do to lessen the strain in those muscles in the first place. Ready to feel relaxed and rejuvenated? Read on…

Head & Scalp

#1 You can start by giving yourself a scalp massage by pushing your scalp with your fingers up towards the ceiling then letting go. Work around your head like this to give yourselves a dreamy head massage.

#2 To relieve tension headaches, try lying on the floor with bent knees. Hold two tennis balls in your hands and then rest your head on your hands so the tennis balls are on either side of the base of your skull. Move your head from side to side and up and down so the tennis balls can work their magic.

#3 Are you prone to grinding your teeth while you sleep? If so, try this jaw massage! Press your fingertips under your cheekbones as you open your mouth and move them up and down your face. You’ll be feeling more relaxed in no time!

Upper Body

#4 First of all, stretch your forearm out on top of your thigh, palm up. Using the heel of your other hand push down firmly on your arm, moving towards your wrist.

#5 You can also put a tennis ball between your neck and the wall and shift your head from side to side to massage your neck. Sounds weird – really works!

#6 If you have back pain, it might be time to invest in a foam roller. Lie on your back with the roller under you and simply roll forwards and backwards moving the roll from your lower back up to your mid-back.

Lower Body

#7 Roll tennis ball or foam roller over your thighs to loosen up tight quads or use the heels of your hands and make small circles up and down your thighs.

#8 Up and down with a foam roller to ease tight hamstrings and calves (most often caused in women by running and/or wearing high heels).

#9 After a day on your feet a foot massage can be the absolutely best thing. So sit down and pop a tennis ball under your foot. Move your foot around whilst keeping downward pressure on the ball so it massages the sole of your foot. It’ll feel heavenly!

So go on, try some of these out next time you feel tense! You don’t need to pay a huge amount of money – all you need is a tennis ball, a foam roller (you can always substitute this for a rolled towel as well!) and your own two hands!


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  • Jen

    Yessss. Literally doing some of these at my desk right now. Thanks Career Girl! <3


  • Natalie Harney

    Wow who knew a tennis ball could do so much!

    – Natalie