9 Ways To Instantly Turn A Bad Day Into A Good One


Wondering how to turn a bad day into a good one? Bad days can feel like you’ve been hit by a bag of bricks, they can literally knock the breath out of you. But tomorrow will come and things will get better. We’ve all had our bad days, a breakup, a stolen purse, or rejection from a job.

Of course, I hope these things will never happen to you, but if they do, these tips can help ease your pain and remind you tomorrow is another day.

1. Take a moment for yourself

Breathe, take a break from work, go to the bathroom and collect your thoughts, if you’re writing an essay, put that pen down, a five-minute break won’t hurt you. Don’t bottle up all your emotions for them to explode later on.

2. Be realistic

How bad is the situation? Be realistic here, if like me, you can’t rest until you know what you’re going to do then make a plan. Write it out, what happened, all the potential consequences and outcomes, and finally a solution. Not only are you coming to grips with your situation, but you’re facing it head-on.

3. Unplug and get away

Sometimes what you need is to take a break from social media, put down your phone, turn off your laptop. Go outside and do something or just turn off to spend some quality time with Netflix.

4. Remember who you are and how amazing you are

Girl, remember who you are, all that you’ve accomplished, whether it’s graduating from university, helping out within the community or just helping out friends in need. Look at how far you’ve come, how far you’ve got to go. The world is your oyster, and you can do anything if you try. You are a Career Girl. You are full of drive and ambition.

5. Hang out with loved ones

Whether it’s via video call or in real life, and whether that be your mom, significant other, or your cat, cuddle up with someone who makes you happy. Who knows exactly how fabulous you are, what ice cream flavor you like; and will binge any show of your choosing.

6. Treat Yourself!

You remember that beyond cute bag you were eyeing the other day? Or that chic dress that you walked by, well turn your butt around and go make a purchase! I don’t know about you but new shoes always bring a smile to my face.

7. Pour your heart out

If it was a bad breakup, you know who you need? Your girl gang! Whether it’s over zoom or IRL, you should release your feelings and let your friends help you through it.

8. Exercise

When you start exercising the body recognizes this as a moment of stress, as if instead of running on a treadmill we’re actually fleeing from a bear. To protect us and our beautiful brains we release a protein called BDNF, which helps us feel at ease and happy. But at the same time, endorphins fight the stress. So hit the gym in maybe a new cute pair of leggings, go for a run or even do some pilates.

9. Start a hobby

Whether it’s gaming, sewing or blogging, get to it! If it’s something you enjoy and can take your mind off what’s happening. If you can do it with someone else, even better, but stay active and do things that you genuinely enjoy.


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