9 Websites To Find Affordable Yet Chic Decor

photo: Rebecca Fredriksson 


My boyfriend and I are looking into our first place, like actual mortgage grown-up kind of place. I could’ve cried when I realized it was actually do-able. I told everybody I wasn’t going to get carried away, just in case, but immediately built my decor shopping list and thought about what I wanted each room to be.

My best friend asked me if I know how much of a lunatic I am. Is it normal to get 10 steps ahead of yourself and start looking at interior design? I know girls who are nowhere near having their own places that lust over houses on Pinterest. With that said, if you want to waste some time daydreaming (or buying more stuff for your current living situation) here are my favorite websites for affordable but chic decor…

Affordable Chic Decor1. Urban Outfitters : is the go-to place if you want a positive, hippy vibe in your home. From nature inspired prints to customizable lightboxes – you’ll find something that will help to make your place a little different. My pick of the moment is the crescent moon mirror. It’s still in my shopping cart, I just need to get brave enough to click checkout. Visit Urban Outfitters


2. H&M Home: is super affordable. It’s the best place to start building a room’s vibe. Start with the super-affordable accents and mix in some investment pieces to create a luxurious look. I’m loving the Enjoy Today cushion cover, it’s so inexpensive but will bring any sofa or bed to life. Visit H&M Home

3. Nordstrom: is often thought of as a more luxurious shopping space, but you can find some amazing affordable pieces there if you look hard enough. This minimalistic Kate Spade cushion will look chic wherever you put it. Visit Nordstrom

Affordable Chic Decor4. Furbish Studio: is great for quirky, bold and vibrant pieces. Invest in something colorful to bring your place to life, bold and beautiful is so on-trend. The Geometric Nesting Bowls are perfect for eating cereal (or ice cream) out of, every girl needs something quirky in her kitchen! Visit Furbish Studio

5.Etsy: is my favorite place to go for one-off pieces. If you want decor that makes people truly envious, get the stuff they can’t find on the high-street. There is something for everybody, but at the moment I’m coveting these Marble Ring Dishes. Beautiful. Visit Etsy

6. Macy’s: Yep, you can even find affordable decor at Macy’s. Gold accents are inexpensive but look like investment pieces, which is why I’m loving this Lenox Alvarado Nut Bowl. Visit Macy’s

7. Barneys: has some seriously beautiful (and expensive!) pieces, so it takes a little searching to find those affordable yet chic things. You’ll be able to find modern opulence here, because there’s so much variety! I seriously love this Jars Karo vase. Imagine a stem or two sticking out of it and you’ve got a beautiful window set up. Visit Barneys

8. One King’s Lane: is every amateur interior designer’s best friend. I want everything. I never knew how much I needed an 18-Kt Rose Gold Plated Oyster Shell before, but I’m imagining that all my loose earrings would look amazing gathered inside. Visit One King’s Lane

9. Lulu & Georgia: is the best place to go if you want to find chic and cheerful home accessories. They even have a collaboration with Cupcakes & Cashmere at the moment. Where else would you be able to buy a doormat that says Squad Only? Visit Lulu & Georgia.


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  • Rebecca fredriksson

    Hello! Thats my picture and my livingroom. Could you please give me Photo Cred and link to my blog: http://www.rebfre.se

    Best Regards, Rebecca Fredriksson

    • Elishia Chave

      Lovely pics :)

    • Ksenia

      You have great taste! Glad they finally gave you credit.

      • Rebecca

        Hi lovely! Thank you so much fun today and so fun to meet you :) Could you change the link to this? Would be so grateful! https://www.instagram.com/p/BKjF1-QAuLH/?taken-by=rebfre

        • Hi Rebecca, So happy to hear you enjoyed meeting Beth and Ellen. I’ll make sure to change the link. xx Celina

  • Elishia Chave

    Yay! Love these suggestions and they come at the perfect time for me and my hubby as we’re decorating our MYC apartment atm. Thanks :)


  • Camille Beygui

    Thanks for the tips

  • Taste of France

    The best way to get something affordable, chic AND unique is to shop vintage, antiques, secondhand, craigslist, garage sales….You might need to paint or reupholster, but you place won’t look like a hotel lobby.

  • PeaceonEarth

    I think your idea of affordable is different to most first time home buyers tbh Things like small vases and coir door mats can be found at a fraction of the prices in the places you name! I pay high end prices on some things, things that last, a good sofa for example, but little decor pieces can be bought really cheap, particularly if you shop vintage and up-cycle things yourself. Definitely NOT affordable chic imo sorry.

  • Mae Scott

    Would love to find out where I could purchase the teal sofa. It is exquisite. Can you advise please?