Stressed Out? You Need This Arctic Wonder Product!

The life of a career girl is a stressful one, which causes stress-related hormones to go crazy in our bodies. It also ruins our complexion, and can lead to dull, dehydrated skin. Often we don’t even know that stress is wreaking havoc on our skin – we know how to combat the damage that cold wind and humid bedrooms do to our skin in the winter, but sometimes we don’t actually know what stressed skin needs.

Once you’ve eliminated the stressors in your life and relaxed, your skin will still show the symptoms of stress whether it’s dry, dull skin or irritated, red areas. There’s only so many times you can slather yourself in moisturiser and embrace the stinging feeling or splash cold water on your face hoping it’ll make it better.

Enter Skyn’s Arctic Face Mist!
When you get hot and humid a spritz of this mist on your face will instantly refresh you, it’s perfect for stressful days, when you have a hangover, or evenings at home trying to soothe your irritated skin. This facial mist is packed with vitamins A, B, C and E, it’s soothing and infused with a cold burst of natural Icelandic mineral water.

A miracle in a bottle!
If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to run into the middle of Iceland and stand in the spray of a crystal clear mineral pool, the geniuses at Skyn managed to bottle that feeling for you.

I’d never actually considered using a facial mist before but it makes me feel so fresh-faced and awake, plus it hydrates my skin, undoes all the damage that the London pollution has done to my skin and is perfect for setting makeup! You don’t have to invest in setting sprays or use hairspray to seal your makeup (guilty!) this spray is nourishing and will keep your makeup in place all day, plus it gives you a naturally hydrated glow!

All you have to do is hold it at arm’s length, close your eyes and spritz it generously over your face! It’s great for when you feel a little tired, too.