How To Apply Flawless Eyeliner


photo: Viva Luxury


We’re not the only ones that think mastering the perfect eyeliner flick is down to magic right? How else do people end up with perfectly symmetrical flawless eyes?

If you’re like us and spend a great amount of time wrestling with your eyeliner of choice, alternating between the perfect thin line and then getting thicker and thicker the more mistakes you made, you might need an eyeliner overhaul. If you want seamless lines and a killer flick, here’s how to master flawless eyeliner application and finally declare that your eyeliner game is on point!


How To Apply Flawless Eyeliner

Technique #1
Draw a thick line, starting from the inner corner, but avoiding the outer corner. Then work on the flick, filling it in as the last step. Make sure you have plenty of concealer or foundation to dab on if you make any mistakes.

This technique will require a very precise applicator, so you’ll need a brush with a defined edge or a very sharp pencil.


How To Apply Flawless Eyeliner

Technique #2
Start at the end. Instead of working towards the flick, perfect your flick first, and then draw into the eye, for some reason drawing downwards creates a smoother application, while pulling the skin taut can help stop any lumps or bumps.


How To Apply Flawless Eyeliner
photo: Cosmopolitan       

Technique #3

Use a spoon! This might seem like a crazy tip, but it seems to work. I’ve seen this kind of trick before with a credit card, but the curved edge of a spoon is a good way to work on your perfect flick.

It all depends whether you can face the thought of pulling a spoon out of the cutlery drawer any time you want to do your eyeliner, though.


How To Apply Flawless Eyeliner

Technique #4
Use some tape! Almost the same as #3, using tape to perfect the line seems ingenious. Just gently peel it off when done. I’ve used this before and gained compliments on my fierce eyeliner, so if done well it definitely works, just be careful not to rip off your foundation, or skin, when you take the tape off!