Fleur De Force: How I Became A Super Successful Blogger


I had always wanted to have my own vlog ever since I had seen so many people beginning to share their thoughts and ideas online.

So, I was inspired to start my own. But it had taken me a while to get things going as I never had the confidence to start creating my own content.

But that was all until I showed my mum a review video one day, she loved it and really encouraged me to go for it.

And the next day, I created my own channel.


I found my feet:

So, I started playing around with the name of my channel. And I thought ‘Fleur de Jour’ would be cool… but that was taken. That’s when ‘Fleur De Force’ was born.

I never thought it would become anything more than a YouTube username at the time, but now it’s the basis of my brand.

And in hindsight, I was glad that I went with De Force and not De Jour as I had never made the connection with Belle du Jour at the time!


I figured out the sweet spot:

It’s important to always be yourself and have fun.

And it’s vital that you DO NOT copy what everyone else is doing. As being different is what will make you special and unique. But it also means that you need to think outside the box.

Remember that success certainly does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of time, hard work thought, and dedication to build an audience.

That’s why you need to put your success into perspective.



The secret to success:

I make sure to keep a list of goals I want to achieve every year and I keep adding to that list as I go.

Because I know that if I want to hit these goals, so I need to figure out the steps how to make them happen.

I use vision boards to help inspire and keep me creative. It helps me hone my focus and allows me to be the best I can be.

I think writing down your goals helps you to track your progress and keep focused and working towards achieving them.


It’s all about finding your balance:

It’s really vital that you take each day as it comes, as there’s only so much you can plan and schedule for.

Some months I am super busy, traveling a lot and not spending as much time at home as I would like. But I adore my work and I really wouldn’t change a thing.

You just need to make the extra effort with your friends and family when you do get to see them. And the great thing about YouTube is that you can set your own hours, as long as you remember to be consistent.

So, sometimes I can take a day off to see the friends I haven’t seen in ages and then I can catch up with work in the evening or the weekend.


What was hard for me:

I’m naturally quite shy so I’ve had to make a big effort to overcome that, and was terrible in the early days! So, talking in front of the camera, meeting people and going to events was always quite hard.

But that doesn’t mean that you should let it stop you.

My number one tip is not to drink too much, especially when you’re out at events and feeling nervous.

If you’re not born confident like me, I always found wearing heels whenever I went anywhere helped me feel more powerful.

Make sure not to stick to people you already know too, try and gravitate to new people and put yourself out there. And if, like me, you suffer from resting b**ch face, try to smile as much as possible (without looking crazy – a natural smile!)


After YouTube:

From YouTube, everything took off for me. I got to write a book, then I got to write another book! The second book was called ‘The Luxe Life’.

It’s a lifestyle guide focussed on special occasions, entertaining at home, home DIY, gifting etc. It’s been such a passion project for me so I can’t wait to see what my followers think!




Are you thinking about getting into blogging or vlogging? Tell us below!



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