5 Must-Read Books Launching This Month

Another month another list of incredible book launches. I’ve got through some amazing books at the moment, and I always feel good about myself when I manage to persuade my siblings and friends to read the books I’ve just finished. I sometimes feel like I should start my own book club. Maybe we’ll start a CGD book club in the future…




Power Your Happy Work Hard Play Nice And Build Your Dream Life by Lisa Sugar (September 20th ): The founder of POPSUGAR has a few things to say about creating your dream job. She manages a huge team, knows all about following your heart and has a few lessons on staying happy and successful. This book is great if you need a bit of inspiration, there’s advice about everything you could possibly need, from starting a company to ditching a relationship. We passed this one around the office. It has some really cool lessons in there, especially when it comes to giving job interviews!




The Vanishing Year by Kate Moretti (September 27): Fans of thrillers will love this one. Zoe has married one of New York’s most eligible men, lives in a beautiful apartment and wears whatever she wants. But she has a dark past. Before she moved to the city she had a different name and was entangled in things that could bubble to the surface and ruin her new perfect life. She buried that old-self, but someone who knew her before is looking for her, and as she tries to stay ahead of them, she discovers this darkness goes much deeper than she thought.




The Wonder by Emma Donoghue (September 8): This a beautiful and extraordinary story. It focuses on an eleven-year-old girl in nineteenth-century Ireland who claims she doesn’t have to eat and has survived without food for weeks. A journalist is sent to cover the sensation, and an English nurse comes to observe and keep watch over her. As always, nothing is simple, and soon the nurse is fighting to save the child’s life. Amazing read.




‘Hidden Figures’ by Margot P. Shetterly (Released June 6 but growing seriously popular this month): This is the story of the overlooked female mathematicians at NASA whose calculations helped make some of America’s greatest achievements in space. It’s so inspiring. And it’s flying off the shelves thanks to the upcoming film starring Taraji P. Henson, Janelle Monae, and Kirsten Dunst.




When In French by Lauren Collins (September 13):  Lauren Collins met the love of her life when she moved to London, his name is Olivier and he’s unashamedly French. Their whole relationship was mainly conducted in English, which led Lauren to wonder what layers of her boyfriend she had not yet unlocked, because of the language difference. When they marry and move to Geneva, her curiosity gets the better of her, and she decides to get to know her husband in both languages. Starting by learning French. It’s a funny and heart-warming memoir that proves anyone can learn a language, especially for love!

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