4 Tips And Tricks To Minimize Your Pores

Let’s face it: We all have them, and for some, they’re more than a little annoying. They’re called pores, and many women struggle to keep these small holes in the skin concealed.

Most of us find that having large pores is a major obstacle for flawless skin. It’s important to understand what makes pores look larger. There are several reasons for the appearance of large pores. This ranges from genetics to the kinds of skin care and beauty products you’re using. For instance, people who have oily skin tend to have larger pores. Oily skin basically means your skin creates an excess of sebum, which is a good thing because it prevents your skin from drying out but this excess oil block and pores collect dead skin cells and dirt within the pores, which expands them and makes them appear larger than they regularly are, giving the appearance of large pores. Lucky enough there are treatments and some tricks to minimize  your pores.

minimizae your pores

#1 – Pick your products wisely – watch the ingredients

Watch the ingredients. Have a look at your current skin care products. Zinc and magnesium help restore your skin’s oil balance and clean pores, which can make them look smaller. Products with soothing ingredients such as rosemary and lavender easy irritation  and prevent pores from stretching out.

Tip: choose products that say ‘non comedogenic’  on the label. This means it won’t clog your pores.

Salicylic acid is another great ingredient, it helps your skin texture and unclog pores because it exfoliates your skin. Retinol or prescription-strength retinoids also help unclog pores and keep them looking smaller 

#2 – Cleanse your face twice a day

By cleansing your face twice a day, it stops your pores from having to expand to hold extra oil or other buildup from the day. Don’t forget to exfoliate two or three times. Use a facial cleanser with salicylic acid will help. The salicylic acid will clear out the blocked pores, reduce the dead skin cells on your skin and keep your pores clean and able to do their job without getting clogged. When you’re finished apply a toner. You can find these in any drugstore and are very inexpensive. A toner eliminates any face wash that may have been left on your skin and it helps to naturally tighten your skin and shrink large pores.

#3 – Use a good primer before you apply makeup

A primer is a great product to camouflage your pores. It prevents your foundation getting clogged in your pores. Makeup can many times make your pores look larger. With a good primer, you prevent this problem. A primer sits at the surface of your skin and creates a sort of barrier between your makeup and skin. It won’t get stuck in the pores and it will overall improve the appearance of your skin.


#4 – Use a clay mask twice a week

Masks with Kaolin clay in them are great for clogged pores. You only need to use them once or twice a week for noticeable benefits.

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