5 Easy Ways To Make Your Photos Look More Professional

Once you understand composition and exposure you’re well on your way to taking professional-looking images. Here are 5 easy ways to help take your photography to the next level



#1 – Editing tools
Lightroom is magic and absolutely amazing. You can use Photoshop, but Lightroom will work wonders and can make your image go from average to fabulous! There are also free online photo editors are available. The best one is PicMonkey. Try to keep things natural though, nobody wants to see unrealistic photos.

#2 -Manual settings
Make sure you learn terms like ISO and shutter speed. It makes all the difference!

#3 – Exposure
We don’t always have access to natural light. When you adjust the exposure it makes your picture lighter and brighter. This will give your image a  ‘ fresh’ and ‘clean’ look.

#4 – Blue hues
Every type of light source has a different light ‘temperature’. The sunlight on a cloudy day is cooler than on a cloudless day. This light causes the objects in your image to look a warmer, orange/red or cooler, more blue. You can control this by adjusting the white balance on your camera to the light bulb. This will make your pictures more blue and less orange. You can also use an editor to adjust the temperature in your photo.

#5 – The right light
The ‘right’ light can also make or break your pictures
Your pictures often look better when the light is soft. Try to take your pics near a window with natural daylight during golden hour also known as the magic hour, the first and last hour of light during the day is a photographer’s holy grail. The light is soft and warm and makes just about anything look good. Another great tip is to use a ‘daylight’ bulb and a softbox on a stand to for natural light. You can purchase these on Amazon.



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Photos: Getty