Healthy Girl Daily: 5 Reasons To Cut Down On Sugar

Cakes, pizza, burgers, sweets and all the other cravings we might have sometimes, would you ban these out for your health? The sugar-free lifestyle is becoming more and more popular. There are tons of people that blog about this lifestyle and the struggles, especially in the beginning, it comes with.

Nathalie Thiele


Almost all our food contains sugar, even the ones you wouldn’t think they would, which makes the journey to a sugar-free or less sugar lifestyle even harder. We all know how bad sugar is for us, but we still seem to be unable to cut down on it. If we really realized how bad it is for our bodies and health, we probably would try not to eat it at all.

Are you thinking about cutting down or even quitting sugar? We give you 5 reasons that will probably convince you to do it!

#1 – Sugar is addictive

Yes, we are addicted to sugar and it is a serious addiction. We all know the crave for something sweet, which we cannot resist, and this is what sugar does to us. After the ‘sugar rush’, the ‘sugar crash’ follows, which makes us hungry and crave for more sugar.

Aart Jan van der Lelij from Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam says that eating sugar increases the crave for more sugar and cutting down or quitting sugar is as hard as trying to stop smoking.

#2 – You will have more energy

Weird right? I always thought it was the opposite. I needed to start my day with something that contained sugar, otherwise I didn’t have any energy. But when you eat sugar it increases your sugar level in a short period of time. Your body needs to work extra hard to process all these sugars, so first you feel very energetic followed by tiredness. Cutting down on sugar means more stable moods.

#3 – Sugar increases the chances of getting heart problems

Everyone knows that sugar increases the chances of getting heart problems and is often the cause of chronic diseases. It also affects our ‘good’ cholesterol, which is there to get rid of our ‘bad’ cholesterol.

#4 -Sugar promotes stress

When you are used to eating food that contains a lot of sugar, it will influence your moods and also your reaction to stress. Just like #2, your sugar level will peak and drop when you don’t keep up that sugar level (see how this is an addiction). This causes mood swings and will have an effect on our stress level.

#5 – Sugar is bad for your immune system

Sugar has an effect on our immune system. If you are having difficulties to get rid of that cold or fever, sugar might have something to do with it. Sugar suppresses the immune system, starting 5 minutes after you have eaten something that contains sugar, up to 5 hours after. So imagine if you are eating food that contains sugar all day.

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Credit: Elsevier & The New Food