The Most Inspiring TED Talks For 2018



There’s a TED talk for just about anything, from body confidence to learning to live with robots. Ideas, inspiration, and advice come from these talks and they’re well worth watching. If you’ve never sat down to watch a TED talk before, you’re missing out massively. The best TED talks 2017 are inspiring, surprising, and thought-provoking.

As the year draws to a close, it’s time to think about the inspiration you’re putting into 2018, so let some of the finest minds around inspire you to get going and smash those goals.

1. Learn how your mind works


Neuroscientist Mehdi Ordikhani-Seyedlar will take you inside the human mind to help you understand why you think the way you do. This TED talks will explain what your brain really does when you’re trying to process information, and why it’s so hard to pay attention sometimes. What he proposes could be the key to communicating with people with brain injuries or disorders that affect the brain. It’s a seriously interesting TED talk about how the mind works.


2. Set some fears instead of goals


Tim Ferriss is an investor and author who proposes we set fears instead of goals. Goals are easy to set, but harder to accomplish, because of fears. Fear paralyzes us from even the smallest of goals, so while you watch this TED talk, follow along and set your fears instead of goals for 2018.


3. Educate yourself on the future we’re building


If you want to know what kind of future we’re building, watch this inspiring and really interesting conversation with Tesla CEO Elon Musk. He goes into detail about what he is working on for the future, and what we can expect for our near (and far) future. It’s something to think about and get inspired by before 2018 kicks off, so definitely watch this and find out what your future might hold.


4. Know your worth, then ask for it 


Casey Brown is a pricing consultant who is going to help you know your worth in 2018. Getting paid what you’re worth is rare, because most of us don’t actually know how much we are worth at all. This TED talk will help you figure out your own worth and convince others that you’re worth it, communicate your value and get paid for your excellence!


5. Figure out the key to being happy


We’re obsessed with happiness, and becoming happier. So obsessed that we feel like a failure when we’re sad, or angry, or empty. Writer Emily Esfahani Smith says that finding meaning isn’t all about being happy, it’s about developing yourself and finding something to devote yourself to. She would prefer to have meaning than to be happy, watch her TED talk to find out how to scrap the notion of being happy all the time.



What is your favorite TED talk? Send us some recommendations in the comments below.



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