STOP Making Excuses: 6 Ways To Stop Spending Money

We are girls, most of us love shopping, dining out, going for cocktails and doing lots of fun stuff that cost money. Even though we know we need to start saving money and think of our future, spending it feels so good that all our saving goals are gone as soon as we see that the beautiful dress hanging in our favourite store.


I have made at least 57 budget plans and all of them would have worked perfectly well, if I only stopped spending and wasting my money on useless stuff (lots of food and clothes). Nowadays I just wish I sticked to my budget and had a big saving pot.

But luckily for us, you are never too late or too old to stop the overspending and start saving. So no more excuses, cause CGD gives you 6 tips on how to stop spending money!

#1 – Write everything down

Old-fashioned but very helpful. Before you go to the shops, write down what you need and stick to your list. Eat well before you go to the shops, when you are hungry, you are more likely to buy more food.

#2 – Do things yourself

In stead of going out for a high-tea, make one yourself! Be creative and try to have fun while spending less money.

#3 – Go cash

Having your card on you makes you more likely to spend money. I always thought it was the other way around, but statistics show that people spend 30% less if the pay in cash. So plan your purchases ahead, take the money out that you need for the week and leave your cards at home.

#4 – Stop dining out

Guilty! I love dining out but it is a really money consuming habit to have. Give yourself a budget each month that you can use for dining out. You probably have enough, and healthier, food in the fridge anyways. And only go grocery shopping when you run out of food. Once you notice how much money you save once you stop going out for dinner as much as you do now, it becomes easier than you think.

#5 – Bring your own lunch

And make it a big delicious one. Bringing your own lunch doesn’t have to be boring, so be creative. Not bringing your own lunch will make you spend unnecessary money on food outside and this is most of the time unhealthier than your own lunch as well.

#6 – Use the 3-day rule

You are tempted to make a big purchase? Wait for 3 days to consider if you really need it and if it is worth the money. When the rush of impulse spending is gone, you can think more clearly whether you need to buy it or not. Still think you need it after those 3 days, then go ahead an buy it.

#7 – Set saving goals

Planning is key to a successful anything, so start setting saving goal. Whether it is for the car that you always wanted or for your dream wedding, go for it. Make a vision board of your saving goal and put away a certain amount each month. The feeling you will have when you finally have the money together is amazing.

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Featured image: Confessions of a shopaholic

Credit: The Huffington Post & Lifehack