5 Steps To Mindfulness

At the CGD HQ’s, we are obsessed with mindfulness. Living in the present instead of in the future or in the past, focusing on your thoughts, emotions and sensations that you experience that moment, without judging them.

Mindfulness can be used to achieve your goals and being aware of your life in the present. I am a person who lives in the future, I already enjoy things that didn’t even happen, which makes me lose focus on the present. Instead of focusing on taking the first step that will lead to the goals I have, I already enjoy the thoughts of achieving the goals.

Mindfulness is a form of meditation that becomes more and more popular in the Western countries. With its roots in Buddhism and Psychology, this mindset can help you to achieve your goals and be ‘mindful’ of your present life.

CGD gives you 5 meditation steps

# 1. Experience the present

Stop whatever you are doing, close your eyes and just listen to the sounds, wherever you are. Focus on and experience what you hear, on your breath, thoughts, emotions and feelings.

2. Separate yourself from your thoughts

You are not your thoughts, emotions and feelings. Try to look at it from an objective point of view. Although your thoughts and emotions feel really true, it is based on your experience, but it is not always the whole picture. Especially when you want to use it as an evaluation, this is an important point. It can help you to better yourself in your personal and professional life.

#3 – Know your core values

What is most meaningful to you and enriches your life? The answers to these questions are the things you need to try to reconnect to. If you lost touch with the things that fulfilled you, try to focus on these things while you are meditating and enhance the things in your life that will help you connect with your core values again.

#4 – Take risks

Get out into the world and take risks! Experience and tolerate anxiety and uncertainty. This will influence your circle of regret, self-doubt and underestimating yourself.

#5 – Be kind 

Try to recognize your critical voice and try to silence it. We tend to be hard on our self, so when this voice comes up, try to think of something about yourself that you really like and appreciate.

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Featured picture: Inga Ivanova