15 Life Lessons We’ve Learned From Samantha Jones


Let’s face it, Sex and the City has taught us so many things over the years. And let’s just say we’ve learned a lot from Samantha Jones!

She’s brave and outspoken and whether you identify more with Carrie, Miranda or Charlotte, know that we have a bit of Samantha in us all!

The career girl, who’s not afraid to say anything not only makes us laugh but teaches us a lot we need to know in life today…

So, if you need some reminding, here are the life lessons we won’t ever forget and you shouldn’t either from Samantha Jones:


1. Love yourself more:

We’ve all been in love with that one bad guy, but in the end, we’ve had to choose and love ourselves more.


2. Know exactly who you are:


And don’t you ever forget it!


3. Have no time for bullshit:


When it comes to guys, Samantha knows not to waste her time on ones that don’t make her… smile!


4. Don’t be afraid to do something different:


You define your life – nobody else!


5. Don’t believe what other people think about you:


The only opinion that matters is yours


6. Not to judge a book by its cover:


Judge afterward, instead…


7. To be the boss that you are:


Be the strong woman, who hides behind no man!


8. To not conform to the norm:


Don’t let society tell you what you need to do, you’re the modern woman, you can do exactly as you please!


9. No one is perfect:


Not even men!


10. Know your worth and respect yourself:


Even when it might be difficult…


11. That age is just a number:


And you can look good in anything as long as you feel good!


12. To look your best, always:


What she said…


13. To always tell it like you see it:


Because sometimes you just have to!


14. Be with someone who just gets you:


Being with friends that understand you is the most important thing. Make sure to reward your favorite people for being your ride or dies every day!


15. Set your standards high:


You’re the kind of gal who deserves a Prince and nothing else!


Q. What’s your favorite Samantha moment?



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