Start Doing This Now If You Want To Feel Amazing


I don’t know about you, but one thing I really want to do is work on myself every day. On a day-to-day basis, I do well, I wake up, go to work, smash the day, come home and relax.

I’ve learned the importance of not falling into a routine that’s not helpful – and that there’s always something you can improve. Growing up I looked up to women who could do anything. Because I truly believe we can.

I want to feel amazing all day, I wanted to work out at 5 am and feel great attending a meeting later on, too. And, instead of admiring that woman, I wanted to be her.

I wanted to be one who woke up at the crack of dawn and already had half of her stuff done by 9 am. And I wanted to be positive and productive while I did it, so I learned how to start my day right. I’ve learned that in order to feel great, the one thing you need to do every single day is upgrade your morning routine!

 The power of the morning

The morning is the most productive and useful time in a busy woman’s life. Like me, you probably already get up early to do one thing from your list, whether it’s emailing, getting ready for the day, or working out. But are you using your morning hours effectively?

A study by biologists recently found that a higher percentage of morning people agreed with statements about themselves that were more positive and powerful. They felt as though they got more done, and had more confidence, having woken up earlier. People who didn’t wake up earlier were less inclined to feel good about themselves or agree with positive statements.

Basically, people who woke up and performed in the morning had more confidence in what they’ve achieved and felt better about their long-term goals. Which means, if you want to feel amazing, you need to reclaim that power and use your morning to its fullest potential.


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Write down your elephant to feel more accomplished

To truly make the most of your morning and start feeling amazing, all areas of your life should be aligned. I do this by waking up and filling in my Getting Stuff Done planner as soon as I get a chance.

I’d recommend starting by listing your ‘elephant’, or biggest task of the day. We all know the saying, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” And as ridiculous as it may sound, it definitely applies to your life. Wake up, and write down the biggest task you have to achieve, then break it up into smaller, sub-tasks. Do this before you do anything else before you have a shower, commit to working out, or start checking your emails.

Keep it consistent 

Do you know about the SAID principle? It stands for Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands and is usually used to describe your body when talking about workouts.

When you do weight lifting, for example, your body will adapt to that, which is why you need to mix up your workout routines regularly. When you build a routine, your body gets used to it. Meaning that anything you want to achieve, you can.

If you say you’re going to prepare breakfast before you leave, the more you do it, the easier it will get. If you’re not already doing it, make everything you do in the morning consistent. Use a daily planner to build your daily routine and stay on top of everything you need to do. Think about it, Anna Wintour wakes up and plays tennis, every single day. That’s the reason why morning routines are so powerful because they’re so easy to fall into.