It should be no news to you that daily routines are essential to bring structure and balance to your life. And Meghan Markle knows this well. She understands that especially for the career woman things can get very busy and overwhelming at times. But that doesn’t excuse her from doing all the things that she should be doing.

And although since becoming the Duchess, there have been certain pleasures and lifestyle changes that Meghan has had to make, there are certain things that she will never let go of. And these are the things that impact her health and wellbeing. Meghan’s priorities are maintaining her health and her energy, which is really important for her productivity and shaping her as the woman we know her to be today.

We know that balance isn’t an easy thing to achieve. That’s why we’re wondering how the Duchess does it all and still manages to be positive and look amazing? Well, you have to take a look at her daily routine to find out this answer.

Start on a positive note

Meghan is a firm believer that your mornings set the tone for the day. And we couldn’t agree with her more. A study in Ohio confirms it, stating that the right mood in the morning can have a long-lasting effect on the day and even increasing work performance. And Meghan knows exactly how to set the tone for the day and that’s with music – Michael Jackson in particular. It’s all about starting your day right and being active, which means you need to be awake earlier.

Meghan also loves to nourish her body with yoga, mindfulness, and the right foods. She will make time for herself in the morning, she even inspired Prince Harry to quit smoking and embrace a healthier lifestyle. To embrace mornings like Meghan does, set your alarm an hour earlier and make an acai bowl for the day – which is one of Meghan’s favorite foods.


Follow it up with an energizing workout

After her morning pick me up, Meghan moves on to her mid-morning workout. While there have been certain things the new Duchess has had to give up that go along with her new lifestyle, working out has not been one of them. In fact, Meghan and Harry either workout together, or Meghan runs around Kensington Gardens by herself.

Many people believe that nighttime workouts are the perfect de-stressors. And while that is true, people don’t realize that some stresses could still be lingering around come morning. And there’s no better release than running. You can be alone with your thoughts, clear your mind and get ready for the day ahead.

Meghan is also a huge fan of yoga describing it as in her blood after her mother taught her. Yoga is also an amazing activity for relieving stress. From this, we can gather that it’s important to start your day with positive vibes that give you the motivation to do something active and workout. This, in turn, energizes you, releases stress and gives you the best possible start to your day.

Prepare the most important meal of the day

It’s no news that Meghan enjoys to cook and before her engagement frequently shared her recipes with us. As you can see by her morning routine, Meghan is all about her health and wellness and this doesn’t stop with breakfast. Not quite converted to an English fry up, the Duchess favors the millennial favorite avocado on toast or fresh herbed omelets.

For Meghan, organic, healthy food is essential. As she takes care of her body she makes sure it takes care of her too. She’s a massive fan of Whole Foods and was frequently spotted in its London location. But just because she’s all about her health doesn’t mean that she doesn’t enjoy some of the finer indulgences in life. With anything, it’s about finding that perfect balance and Meghan carries this off effortlessly.




Be kind to others

We all have our passions. For some of us dreamers, it’s our careers. But whatever it is you do, no matter where you are in life, you’re doing something that connects with you that has an impact on the world. Even the smallest things cause ripples. Meghan’s status means that she can dedicate and do the one thing close to heart that will change the lives of thousands.

Charity work is going to be her mission. And it’s something so dear to her. Her day to day activities will always vary, but whatever engagement she is involved in at the time you can be assured it will be the in the benefit of others.

I think it’s an important reminder that no matter your circumstance there is always time for kindness. Meghan believes in one random act of kindness a day. She says it doesn’t have to be a big gesture, just something small and kind can help. 

Set up a mindful evening

Self-care and downtime are important and it’s something you should always make time for. For, Meghan it’s spending time with her new husband and watching Netflix with a glass of wine, which is really down to earth. No matter how successful or busy you are, you need to make time for your loved ones and the simple things in life.

Just like any successful woman, Meghan understands the importance for downtime and makes sure it’s scheduled in. It’s something she recommends because she knows that we all lead very busy lives. As a former lifestyle blog editor, Meghan loves to write and has been known to keep multiple journals and notebooks about everything from recipes to her dreams. In fact, she bought sister-in-law Kate Middleton a dream journal for her birthday. In the evenings, you will most likely find Meghan writing gratitude lists or laying plans for the week. Bring this evening routine to life with the Getting Things Done planner that will let you lay out your schedule and go in-depth into your self-care routine while you plan too.



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Featured photo: The Tig