4 Ways To Stop Daydreaming And Start Doing


Having a dream and being a dreamer are two completely separate things. Having your head in the clouds with no real action behind you is not the best way to do things, but being able to dream big and act on it, that’s the ticket. That’s the right mindset you want to have.

Often, a dreamer will have tons of very good ideas, but lots of reasons why they shouldn’t follow them. Maybe you’re waiting for someone else to tell you what to do, or waiting for someone to take responsibility or control of your life, but that mindset has to end in 2019. It’s time to be a dreamer and back yourself exclusively, dream big and act on it.

1. Start by deciding you’re in charge 

I’ve recently been reading Becoming by Michelle Obama, and one thing that struck me was that I always thought of Michelle as this studious woman who always knew that she was destined for greatness. But the amazing thing was reading that Michelle fell into a law career, got into Harvard and did all these amazing things simply because she felt she had to. She may have had dreams, but she didn’t follow them because she was afraid to take a leap and do something unconventional. Barack, on the other hand, did things because he could. He was a dreamer who wasn’t afraid of his dreams, and he taught her that she needed to find out who she was before she could truly follow hers.

You are in control of your behavior and your life. If you have a deep feeling that you’re unhappy, then you probably are. And to stop daydreaming about a better life, you need to own your life, get out there and make some big (and scary) changes. Action is never comfortable, but action will drive you forward to the place you want to be.

2. Be positive, always

Ok, so you control your thoughts and emotions, and behavior too. But the only way you’ll make positive change is if you start focusing on positive things. That means you need to surround yourself with happiness and positivity. Gratitude every day will help you to think about the positive changes you want to make to your life, the positive things that happen every day, and stop you from focusing on any negatives.

This is how you will change your mindset from dreamer to doer. By letting go of the negative consequences and steps that are standing in the way of your dreams.

3. Manage it the right way

So you have a dream and you want to turn it into a plan? You need to be as regimented with your dream as you are with your everyday work, this is how you’ll root your dream in reality. You can make it happen if you take small steps towards it every day. If you want to start a blog, decide how many times you’re going to post and stick to it.

Open up your planner and start writing down actionable deadlines for your dreams. You can use a daily undated planner to make sure you stay on top of everything, a week plan to keep yourself on track of your weeks, and a dated yearly diary to make sure you have monthly goals and deadlines to hit. This is the only way you’ll stay on top and turn those dreams into goals.

4. There’s only one thing left to do

Planning is great, but now you have to start acting. That’s what separates the doers from the dreamers. You need to start researching, volunteering, sending emails, working out, writing, whatever the first step is to get you moving, you need to take it.

It’s incredibly easy to act, you don’t have to think too hard, but somehow this is the step that stumps most people. It’s great to daydream and think of what could be, but if you think the action will be hard work, it becomes hard work. Think like this, acting on your dreams is actually the easiest step of all! Share in the comment box one way you’re going to act on your dreams this week and let’s stay motivated.



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