How To Work Out Like Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez has an insane body. It’s well known that she treats her body like a temple and looks after herself; she’s almost 50 years old and has a better body than most women half her age. And she’s achieved that through hard work and dedication.

So it only makes sense that we want to know her secrets. What exactly does she do every day to get in such incredible shape? We put JLo’s weekly workout, and diet in our brand new Fit Is The Sh*t planner to see just how easy it would be to stick to.



Staying hydrated is important, you can track your water intake in your Fit Is The Sh*t planner to make sure you’re hydrated enough to give it your all. This is the key to JLo’s incredibly flawless skin and lean body.

“Drinking plenty of water, especially before a workout, can help you push harder and get more out of your exercise routine,” she told Hello Magazine. She also knows that she needs to stay hydrated after a workout, too. “I try to keep my body hydrated and well rested after every workout,” she said. “That way, I’m ready to hit it hard again the next day.”

We all know that JLo recently did a no sugar diet. She went hardcore, not even eating fruit. But in her day to day, she knows what not to eat to nourish her body.  “I haven’t had caffeine in years,” she told Hollywood Life. And her trainer has confirmed she has also stopped drinking alcohol. She eats clean and organic foods and reaches for vegetables, fruit, and protein to snack on between meals.



With working out as often as JLo does, you would be forgiven for finding the gym a little boring. JLo credits her eternal optimism with the rate she works out. “Dance has always been a huge part of my life, and taking the time to move my body and do something that’s so good for me is key to my happiness. And I really believe that when you take care of yourself and work to stay healthy, you’re better able to take care of those you love. So working out is definitely a priority for me.” she says.

 She will always work out in the morning and tries to mix it up to stay engaged with her workout. She will work out with Tracy Anderson in LA, and David Kirsch in New York. Both have different training approaches. Her trainer David Kirsch said the platypus walk or spiderman push-ups are two moves JLo swears by.



The full body workout JLo relies on uses resistance bands, dumbbells, medicine balls, and her own body weight. Her trainer shared her exact sixteen step workout regime. Which includes: Wide stance squats, reverse lunges, plank on a medicine ball for thirty seconds, lateral lunges, dumbbell row to tricep extension (ten reps on each side), shoulder taps, side planks, overhead slams with medicine ball, torso rotation with resistance band, squat with row and bicep curls with resistance band, tricep extensions with resistance band, medicine ball sit-ups, weighted jackknives, Russian twists, push-ups with glider, pike-up planks.

Sounds like a lot? Well, you can write it down in your fitness planner and get working on it right now to get a body like JLo’s.



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