Try This Simple But Powerful Routine When You’re Feeling Anxious


Looking for some anxiety tips that will actually help? If you’re feeling the symptoms of anxiety you probably already know that there’s not much you can do to stop it. Anxiety isn’t something you can simply turn off, or repress, but you can manage it.

The most important thing you can do is look after yourself and make yourself the number one priority in your life. Try this evening routine when you’re feeling anxious and make yourself feel a little calmer…


Get a workout in. Ok, so if you work out as soon as you wake up, you don’t need to also workout when you get home.

But, working out massively helps the symptoms of stress and anxiety by lowering blood pressure, allowing you to focus on your worries, elevating your heart rate, giving you a huge dose of endorphins and helping you feel pretty aggressive.

When you let out some of that aggression through intense cardio, you are more likely to feel like you can handle anything. P.S you can use the Fit Is The Sh*t planner to help you create your perfect workout routine.

This is one of the key components of a successful anxiety ritual. Do your normal evening routine after a quick 30-minute workout, shower, prepare dinner (on a weeknight you probably need some ten-minute meal inspiration, find it here!) and get ready to de-stress.



Aromatherapy Associates De-stress Mind Oil | SHOP NOW

Your evening shower (or bath) can help you beat anxiety symptoms. You just need to make use of the right essential oils to help get into a de-stress zone. A couple of drops of this de-stress mind bath and shower oil will relieve the tension of a stressful day.

Add some drops to the showerhead before you turn it on, or add a couple to your bath and enjoy the scent of de-stressing and relaxing chamomile as it takes your shower from blah to ta-dah! Find it here.

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Neom Scent To De-Stress Candle | SHOP NOW

At this time of the year, a candle can set the hygge mood. But when you’re feeling stressed, it can be so much more than just a pretty home accessory.

Set aside an hour or two for your de-stressing routine. It’s all about supporting yourself, giving yourself a moment and knowing how to slow it down.

Try a candle that’s proven to help lower your feelings of stress and anxiety, like this one from NEOM. 95% of people who tried the scent to de-stress range said it lowered their feelings of stress and anxiety – so it’s definitely worth a try! This is one of my favorite anxiety tips, because it not only helps, but it’ll make your house smell amazing – too!

Blended with lavender, jasmine, and rosewood, not only will it make your house smell calm, it’ll help you unwind and relax! Find it here.



Win At Life Journal | SHOP NOW

When you’re stressed and anxious, you often don’t know the root cause of that anxiety or those emotions.

Which is why you need to think about your mood, your daily routine, and how that can affect your emotions. The Win At Life Journal is the perfect companion for a stressful day.

Get yourself cozy and open up the Win At Life journal to use the Win At Life system, track the meals you’ve eaten, how you’ve felt, the time spent outside or with friends and family and use it as a framework to help you build yourself up to a stress-free day.

At the back of the book, there are also sections with checklists for dealing with stress, anxiety tips, tips for boosting happiness, and feeling relaxed and calm. Find it here.



This Works Stress Check Breathe In | SHOP NOW

When stressed feelings follow you around, whether it’s just before you board a plane or during work, you need to try to tackle them and manage those symptoms.

Taking a deep breath of aromatherapy oil or a stress-busting scent will help you feel instantly calm. This is one of the best anxiety tips, simply roll it on and breathe.

That’s why we love this roll-on by This Works. Roll it into your hands and take a deep soothing breath of eucalyptus, frankincense, and lavender oils to help you get a better quality of sleep and relax. Find out more here.


Moon Juice Brain Dust | SHOP NOW

Do you have a hot drink before bed? Chamomile tea? What about a midnight smoothie? The idea of a twilight smoothie might confuse you, but how about blending a sachet of Brain Dust into a healthy and calming bedtime smoothie? Try 1/2 cup of rolled oats, 2 cups of baby spinach, chamomile tea, 2 large bananas, almond butter and a scoop of Brain dust.

Moon Juice’s Brain Dust is a re-awakening for the mind, containing everything you need to think clearly, focus, cope with stress and overcome feelings of seasonal depression. Try a scoop and see how you feel! Find it here.


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