6 Genius Little-Known Tips For Getting More Energy When You’re Tired


If you’re looking for tips for more energy, and if you need a quadruple shot of espresso just to lift your head off the pillow in the morning, you need to hear this.

You’re burning yourself out! Everything you’re trying to do is draining your energy faster! You’re driving yourself into a low-energy rut with all the things you’re trying. Stop the coffee right now! It’s time for a complete energy overhaul!

Know your blood sugar levels

Okay, so you might not know this but foods with a low glycemic load (beans, bran cereal, brown rice, and nuts) have a minor impact on your blood sugar level.

You might think that foods like bread, spaghetti, potatoes, and sugary juices can help you have more energy, you know that burst you get after you drink a sugary drink or eat some candy, that’s great, but the crash that follows drains your energy MUCH faster. Find out some healthy snack swaps you need to make here.

Avoid foods with a high glycemic load to keep your blood sugar steady and avoid those blood sugar drops!

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Get enough iron

If your tiredness and low energy just aren’t shifting, no matter what you do, you could have iron-deficiency anemia. Eat red meat, iron-fortified cereal, green leafy vegetables, and dried beans to get a boost of iron. Iron can 

If you think this might be the case, check with your doctor – as you may also need a supplement to help you get enough! 

This is one of the easiest tips for energy that most people overlook, check your iron levels – stat!

Raid your herb cupboard

If you have dried rosemary in your cupboard, you’re in luck. Instead of drinking too much caffeine (studies show that half a cup is actually better than multiple cups) take a small pinch in your hand and breathe in the scent.

The fragrance of rosemary is known as an invigorating stimulant, so you can feel boosted without drinking several cups of coffee. Find out how else you can use aromatherapy to boost your energy levels here.

Drink two glasses of icy water

If you find yourself crashing at the same time every day, you might be dehydrated.

The temperature of the water doesn’t make much of a difference but icy water might give you an added wake up call. Research shows that as little as 2% dehydration will have an effect on your energy levels.

So grab a bottle of water if you feel yourself crashing!

Go into sleep starvation mode

Rather than getting more sleep, if you’re tired you might find uninterrupted sleep comes easier when you focus on NOT getting some shut-eye. 

Of course, only do this if it’s safe to do so, for example, on a weekend! Instead of going to bed at normal time, stay up late and wake up early. If you do this on a Saturday night, by Sunday you’ll be sound asleep before bedtime and can wake up on Monday feeling well-rested! If you need some sleep tips, we’ve got you, check out our guide on how to fall asleep when you’re not tired.

This will reset your sleep cycle, much like a long-haul flight will, and get your body used to glorious sleep.


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