How To Create An Easy-To-Follow Fitness Routine That Doesn’t Require A Gym


Building your own fitness plans can be a headache. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a gym membership or a trainer, you’ll need to build your own fitness plan and figure out how you’re going to smash it.

Everything you need to smash your goals is already within you. You know what you need, with the right mindset you can smash your goals and make fitness plans that you actually want to follow. The key is making it fun and using something like the Fit Is The Sh*t planner to track your progress. With that said, here are a few tips to help you make your fitness plans the best they can possibly be.


You need to be consistent if you want to get results. You need to build a program that is do-able, with the right mixture of activity and rest – and doesn’t bore you to tears. This is where the Fit Is The Sh*t planner really comes in handy. With the advice contained inside, you can figure out your macros and tailor your diet towards the fitness routine you’re actually working on. Start your own private Instagram account or post in a group of friends to keep yourself on track. Share your food, your workouts, and everything, to keep yourself on track.

Consistency is key, so keep yourself on track by creating a group for yourself. You can even create yourself a little workout manual in your planner, and become your own personal trainer! 

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You need to pick two days for active recovery. One workout day and one rest day. If you do light workout during your rest day, you will recover faster from an intense workout session. Swimming or a long walk burns energy and reduces stress, but most importantly it helps your muscles recover and relieves soreness. 

Foam rolling is also good for active recovery. Get yourself some massage sticks, lacrosse balls, and rollers and you can make your recovery active if you want to build your workout the right way. 


So listen, too many workouts are going to make you bored. You need to build a workout routine that keeps you engaged. Choose several different workout activities, follow YouTube tutorials or join something like Bodyboss or Barry’s Bootcamp to keep you engaged, having fun, and on track.

If you do the same thing every time you work out, you’ll lose motivation super fast! The best thing about the Fit Is The Sh*t planner is that you’ll learn a lot of different techniques to keep yourself on track and engaged. Each week, target a different muscle group, for example arms one week, abs week two, legs week three. Also vary your workouts if you can, try new classes like hoop, barre, and stay on track by staying excited about it. Also, don’t forget to increase your effort little by little every time to make sure you’re getting real results.