How To Be Comfortable In Uncomfortable Situations


Wondering how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable? Uncomfortable situations happen to us all. Stuck in the lift during an awkward conversation? An argument you’re stuck in the middle of? Or something worse. Maybe you’ve just been summoned to the bosses office? Ugh, we’ve all been there, and it really takes a special person to be able to overcome awkward encounters.

We laugh them off, shrug them off and move past it. But the feeling sticks with you all day, and when you haven’t got your bestie at hand to calm you down you can feel super awkward. Not anymore, I’ll give you some tips that will allow you to deal with the situations properly, and not leave you feeling uncomfortable.

1. Relax and don’t overthink

Whatever the circumstance, don’t overthink it and try to relax. Depending on the situation, it may kick off your anxiety, and really change your mood, which affects your day. But don’t let this happen. Slow yourself down by focusing on your breathing, and don’t let your mind run. If you’ve been given tough feedback, take it in your stride. If you’re in the middle of an argument, say your point clearly and concisely and let it go.

2. Smile

Rise above the uncomfortable situations. If you’ve been giving criticism or tough feedback, ask yourself are you going to let what other people say about you change the way you think about yourself? Just smile, you can actually make yourself happier this way. Plus I use it as a device to turn an uncomfortable situation into a comical one. Yep, smiling really does help if you’re wondering how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

3. Be comfortable with yourself

If the thought of going to that party is making you feel uncomfortable, or similar social situations, don’t worry you’re not alone. It can be mentally tiring to feel uncomfortable all the time but it’s all about confidence. You know what confidence takes, you just need to truly know yourself, and be comfortable with it. Stay positive, I like to think of things that make me smile, and more importantly, things that are going to make me smile. Create memories that fill you with confidence by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone!

4. Take a step back

We all have off days. Have you ever been annoyed and hours later feel silly for taking it out on someone else? It happens. Try to understand what other people might have been through before the uncomfortable situation you’re in. You can handle anything!

5. Maintain your confidence

Confidence will help you overcome almost anything. The right amount of it will have you feeling better, and prepared for any uncomfortable situation you will have to face. Meeting the boyfriend’s parents…anxious and uncomfortable? Remain confident. You’re there for a reason. If you’re scared people won’t like you, tell yourself things that you think they will like about you. Be confident and positive, it really is the perfect recipe.

Armed with confidence, you can get through just about anything!