6 Healthy Hacks That Will Help You Live Forever


These healthy hacks might not *actually* make you live forever, but they’ll definitely make sure you never feel old. There’s a reason women like Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez look and feel so good no matter their age, they love their bodies in the best way – through food and working out!

Not to mention, a healthier life means more energy, brainpower, and less fatigue meaning that you’re going to become more successful too!

1. Do some shots!

Sadly, the Apple Cider Vinegar kind. This natural detox method has loads of successful devotees including supermodel Heidi Klum and involves consuming one spoonful of apple cider vinegar a day. Experts agree that this is a great way to help shed the pounds as it flushes out fats in the colon and aids digestion. It can also help lower your blood pressure, so we think you should buy a bottle immediately!

2. Kale up like Gwyneth Paltrow

The Goop founder knows a thing or two about staying healthy, and she outlined her strict diet regime for her role in Iron Man 2 on her website. She would drink a glass of kale juice after her morning workout, have a low carb Mountain Valley wrap for lunch, and a turkey kale soup for dinner. She would snack on kale juice and almonds during the day. This sounds pretty extreme, but there’s no denying the wonderful health properties of kale, and if it’s good enough for Gwyneth, it’s good enough for us!

3. Coconut oil

By now we’ve all heard that coconut oil is healthier than most other options, and it’s certainly pretty fashionable right now. But models including Miranda Kerr and experts alike, go even further to say you should eat it every day! Kerr eats one spoonful of unrefined coconut oil every morning to kickstart her digestive system, just try mixing a spoonful into your morning coffee, apparently, it tastes pretty good!

4. Use coconut oil, everywhere!

While there are differing reports on coconut oil, Taraji P. Henson swears by it. She had to go on a special diet to re-alkaline her body due to stomach issues and was learning to eat all over again, but there were some tips and tricks she swore by. She told The Cut “I also use a lot of coconut oil. I cook with it, I put it in my tea and drink it — and that’s also good for the hair and nails.” Coconut oil is one of those healthy hacks you can easily add to your life.

5. Go French with green tea, ballet, and vodka?!

We imagine you need to be at the top of your health game to be a Vogue Editor, and Vogue France’s Carine Roitfeld has some pretty unusual secrets she sticks to. She doesn’t diet but does love to drink green tea in the day, and vodka at night. She told Elle “I drink green tea all day long, and at night I drink vodka. So each night, I have my vodka. I’m not an alcoholic, but I do love vodka. And then I do ballet. French women—we eat everything.”

6. Cut out the red meat

We think Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is pretty much a perfect example of good health, and as well as the usual clean eating and exercise, Rosie says that a recent change to avoiding red meat has made her feel much lighter and brighter. She told Vogue Australia, “Since I cut it out I have noticed how much lighter and better I feel.” And the science backs this up as red meat is harder to digest, and thus takes much longer than other foods. This is one of those healthy hacks that makes so much sense!