8 Of The Coolest Apps Every Woman Needs On Her Phone


Looking for the most useful apps in daily life? Smartphones get a bad wrap these days, but from appetizer recipes to astrology, a well-curated library of apps can be just the thing to add ease and inspiration to every part of your life, and all from the palm of your hand.

Outside of the usual favorites like Instagram, Citymapper, and Spotify, these are the apps we think every woman on the move needs.

1. Headspace

>Your virtual guide to health and happiness, Headspace guides users through a variety of mediation and mindfulness techniques that can be done anywhere from bed to the bus. 60 million users can’t be wrong, and with John Legend at the helm as their new Chief Music Officer, you’ll be feeling calmer, centered, and content in as little as 10 minutes. At the moment, this is one of the most useful apps in daily life to help you unwind. Find it here.

2. Dark Sky

Hailed by many as the most accurate weather app out there, a quick peek at Darksky each morning means you can plan your outfit and pack your bags with the confidence you won’t be caught out. Find it here.

3. Stocard

One app to replace all of your loyalty cards, Stocard ensures you won’t miss out on rewards or waste time rifling through your purse at the checkout ever again. Home to some amazing deals from the likes of Tesco and IKEA as well, you’ll wish you’d downloaded it sooner. Find it here.

4. Vivino

Never forget your favorites again. With stellar label-recognition, Vivino allows you to save, review, and compare wines with the click of a button, no matter if you’re in a dimly-lit backroom bar or the aisles of a store. Find it here.

5. The Pattern

Described as a social network that helps you better understand yourself and connect with others on a deeper level, this app will help you understand yourself better. Adding in the day and time you were born uploads the app with tonnes of information about what you’re going through now and what you’ll go through in the future – it’s eerily, creepily specific and on point. It doesn’t sell your data either, and it’s free – Channing Tatum made this app famous when he called it out on Instagram for knowing too much about him and made a plea to the creators to DM him how they knew. Find it here.

6. Paprika

Forget the old elbow page turn to avoid getting ingredients smudged down the page, or the desperate search for the recipe you saw somewhere three months ago… With a handy in-app browser and ability to edit details once added, Paprika is the only app you need to know for organizing recipes, creating meal plans and managing shopping lists. Find it here.

7. WithU

A personal trainer in your pocket, WithU gives you access to hundreds of guided workouts to ensure an endorphin boost no matter your fitness goal, abilities, or location. Find it here.

8. Co-Star

Generating an astrological chart based on exact details of your birth, CoStar shares detailed daily horoscopes, touching on everything from your social life to self-belief. Even if you’re not a hard-core believer, the beautifully presented updates make great prompts for self-reflection, motivation, and conversation. Find it here.

Written by Jordan Evans