5 Books To Read That Will Make You Feel More Successful


Looking for books that will make you smarter and feel more successful? Now more than ever, it feels like we are finding ourselves looking for advice, inspiration, and guidance. So who better to turn to than some of the most successful women out there? Here are five books to read that will make you feel more powerful and successful!

 The Most Powerful Woman in the Room Is You
by Lydia Fenet

Layered in with anecdotes and case studies from her impressive 20-year career at Christie’s Auction House, from intern to Global Managing Director of Strategic Partnerships and the lead Benefit Auctioneer, Lydia gives you the tools to take charge of your career and find your professional voice. Whether you are asking for a raise, pitching a new product, or trying to master the art of the sell, this book will give you the confidence to tackle your goals and motivate not only yourself but those around you as well. 

Buy the F*cking Lillies
by Tara Schuster

If you’ve ever looked around and declared that you need to get your life together, this is the book for you. A VP at Comedy Central, Tara Schuester provides tips and tricks to feel like your most empowered self in her signature hilarious writing style that feels like you’re texting with your best friend instead of reading a book. From discussing the importance of taking “me time” to why you should treat yourself like the goddess you are, Tara’s refreshing words are a wonderful guide on self-worth and value. 

Disrupt-Her: A Manifesto for the Modern Woman
By Miki Agrawal

If you are looking for ways to shake up your life then this is the book for you. THINX founder Miki Agrawal helps guide us through the complexity of being a modern woman in today’s society with this brash and honest manifesto. This book will push you to tackle all areas of your life from your relationships to your work to your love life with stories, and advice from Agrawal herself as well as other inspiring female movers and shakers. 

by Glennon Doyle

Glennon Doyle’s best selling memoir is not only an intimate look at the activist and author’s life but a galvanizing wake-up call to stop ignoring your happiness and start living your life to the fullest. Equal parts hilarious, insightful, and emotional, you’ll finish this inspiring book in one sitting and be ready to follow your truest instincts. This is one of the books that will make you smarter and feel more powerful.

More Than Enough: Claiming Space for Who You Are
by Elaine Welteroth

Described as Becoming for millennials, Elaine Welteroth’s autobiography is part memoir, part manifesto, and utterly inspiring. From breaking barriers in the media industry as the editor-in-chief of Vogue to shaping the future of the fashion industry as a judge on Project Runway, Elaine shares the lessons she’s learned about identity, race, and how to claim your success as you navigate life and your career. This book is a must-read for any young woman in the workplace today. 

Natalie Garagiola