4 Things Successful Women Do To Feel Good Every Day


Wondering how to feel good every day? Self-care is often marketed as candles and rose petals in the bathtub, but that doesn’t work for everyone. Successful women manage to feel good every day, no matter how much they’ve got on their plate – here’s how.

1. Sticking to office hours

If you’re asking yourself how to feel good every day, you probably need to start with your work hours. Many of us are still working from home and it can be difficult to turn work off, so give yourself rules. It doesn’t mean running away at 5 pm on the dot, finishing your work is important, but try to give yourself strict rules and stick by them. What you need is a daily planner that actually helps you build a better routine for your mental health. The Getting Stuff Done planner contains a layout that combines your to-do list with meal planning, water tracking, and all the important self-care you could need to make sure that you feel supported, rested, and productive.

2. Nourishing their bodies

What you eat and drink affects how your mind and body work. This is especially important if you have a bad relationship with food. I personally find that eating something small in the morning (enough to get my metabolism going), something healthy for lunch, and a solid meal for dinner works best. Drinking enough water helps to keep you focused and hydrated throughout the day. Using a Water Tracking Bottle can help you keep track of your intake and ensure you’re feeling your best even on the go!


Getting Stuff Done Planner


Water Tracking Bottle


Stress Less Journal


3. Practising mindfulness

Stress Less Journal

The art of meditation has become more popular in recent years, but it isn’t for everyone. Try Active Meditation, it’s simple: allow your thoughts to wander as you do something else. This could be anything from watering plants to playing music. Making this a habit can help you notice unhealthy thought patterns before they become a problem. I like writing my thoughts and feelings as a way of tracking my moods. The Stress Less Journal has seven chapters of activities and exercises to help you be mindful, stay in the moment, undo negative thoughts, and stay calm when you’re feeling stressed out.

4. Not taking on too much 

Taking on too much is especially bad for you, sometimes you need to know when to delegate or move a task, or cancel it completely. If you’re expecting to work out seven days a week, smash every work goal you’ve set yourself, eat only healthy foods, not watch TV, write a best-seller and start a second business  – you’re going to have to be more realistic. Even the most successful women have help, in the form of assistants, cleaners, nannys, personal trainers etc. So don’t be afraid to delegate. Like a precariously-stacked dinner plate, continuously overwhelming ourselves with tasks and thoughts and actions can damage our mental health.

By Sian Wheeler