7 Things You Should Always Have In Your Planner

Looking for ideas for your planner? Removing the packaging from a new planner signals an opportunity to organize your daily life and surely beats the plethora of apps available for your phone and tablet to keep you on track.

A quick trawl of social media offers up hundreds of ideas for ways to organize your planner. This is a great starting place for anyone ready to try something new. But it comes with a health warning – you can be overwhelmed with the sheer volume of systems and methods available to try.

The best starting place is to decide what you are using your planner for and what you want as an outcome from it. Whether it be for organizing your life or improving yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually, the following 7 things should help you to achieve your goals.

1. Important dates

An opportunity to provide an overview of important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, or deadlines is essential. If you like this type of planning, you’ll love our 2021 Diary. It allows you to carefully plan for the upcoming commitments that you have, ensuring that you meet your obligations in a timely manner. It can also provide you with an opportunity to budget for occasions such as meals out, gifts, and staying up to date with essential expenditures, such as car insurance and utility bills. 

Goals 2021 Diary

2. Your Goals

What better place to record your goals than in your planner. Make time to review your goals on a regular basis, either weekly or monthly and record your progress towards them. The constant process of reviewing goals keeps them uppermost in your mind and ensures that you remain focused.

Plotting your progress is hugely motivational. If it is slow, it can serve as a mental wake-up call to change habits to speed up your progress. If progress towards your goal is strong, it strengthens your resolve to remain on track to achieve the goal within the timescale set.

3. A Habit tracker

Track your daily water intake, write out your workouts, budget, and meal plan in your planner to create a better routine. Your planner will work best when linked to your goals and is a good way of establishing new habits. All manner of things can be tracked from daily exercise, water intake, taking vitamins to your mood each day. The Daily Planner has been designed to make this part easy, less stressful and not overwhelming for you. Start with easy habits and build your routine adding each new habit slowly. You will be amazed at how quickly this becomes incredibly addictive. 

4. Motivational Quotes

Self-talk is so important and a good motivational quote can lift flagging spirits on a day when the world is not on your side. Getting into the habit of writing a motivational quote on every page provides you with an opportunity to start the day in a positive and enthusiastic way.

Constellation Daily Planner


Goals Diary


The Project Book


5. Daily Overview

To be as productive as possible, you need to plan your day or you run the risk of wasting opportunities to complete the required tasks. How this is done is purely a personal decision but having clear slots to answer emails, make phone calls, complete tasks, get some form of daily exercise, and time to think is incredibly important. The Project Book is perfect for this, enabling you to visually segment your time and view all that you have achieved that day.

6. A Brain Dump

In its purest form, a brain dump happens at the end of a day and is an outpouring of thoughts and ideas, often with little thought and structure, which can then feed into planning the following day, week, or month. I actually use a brain dump throughout the day to jot down thoughts and ideas which I then reflect on in the evening as well as the free-thinking that I plan for in the last 5 minutes of the working day.

By Rosina Lee