A Genius Way To Find The Best Red Lipstick For Your Skin Tone


How often have we bought the wrong lipstick shade. That color you loved on your bestie but when your tried it on yourself, it wasn’t quite right? We’ve got you!  I asked some experts to give me some tips on: ‘ How to choose the right red lipstick?’ With these tips you’ll never buy the wrong shade again!


First step: What is you skin color and tone? Obviously, you know your skin color but are you cool or warm? Do you have light, medium,dark or olive skin? That’s our first step. Next, we’re going to decided whether you have cool or warm toned skin. This is fairly easy to decide. Do the vein test: if you got blueish/purple veins you are cool toned and when you have green-ish veins you are warm toned. Another trick to decide whether you’re cool or warm is the jewelry test. Do you look better in silver or gold? Cool girls tend to look better in silver and warm girls in gold.

For the girls with a light skintone

When you’re a girl with cool porcelain skin try to choose a bright red color with a blue undertone. Reds with a hint of blue help to balance out pink or yellow undertones in your skin, and will also make your teeth look whiter!  Score. For the girls with a golden tan try a shade with slight bit of orange.

Our favorites? Cool: MAC in Ruby Woo , Chanel Rouge in Pirate(also available here) Warm: Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy or Hourglass Femme Rouge

For the girls with a medium skin tone

Latin girls and  girls with a yellowish skintone look amazing in bright and fierce orange reds. Girl with olive skin tones will look amazing in blue red to burgundy and wine lipstick shades.

Our favorites? For the girls with a yellowish skintone. Try Mac Ruby Woo. Olive skin try Smashbox Legendary

For the girls with dark skin

When you have cool-toned dark skin try to choose pink or brown based reds. If you have warm-toned dark skin you’re lucky! You can rock almost every red.

Our favorites? Warm: MAC Ruby Woo, MAC So Chaud also here, Cool:  Rouge D’Armani lipstick in 609


  • Camille Beygui

    Thanks so much for sharing



  • hashtagfablife

    Great tips! I need to pick up ruby woo!


  • Lauren

    I love Mac Ruby Woo, wear it all the time :)


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  • Camille

    Great list ! I would add the new Dita Von Teese for Mac, it’s a bright red lipstick, I just bought it (I think it’s an online exclusive but not sure) and it’s so beautiful !

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