A Must Have For Girls With Curly Hair Who Live In London

As a girl with naturally curly hair, humidity and rain are my worst enemies! I love to wear my hair straight, but, unfortunately, it’s a constant battle with my hair reverting to its natural state. There’s nothing wrong with my curly hair. I actually think curly hair is absolutely beautiful,  but I prefer to wear my hair straight nowadays.

While we were in Florence a couple of weeks ago, the air was really humid and while I was rocking a fresh blowout and enjoying my straight hairstyle, nature didn’t agree with me. I literally felt like Monica from Friends. Remember the scene where they all went on vacation to Barbados and her hair was just a big mess? That was me…


The first day was fine, but the second day was hopeless. My hair started to revert to it’s natural state and no — not to curls like normal people. No just one poofy mess, during dinner Beth actually asked me if I had just teased my hair since it was creeping up and getting poofier as time passed by.

At the last day, I just decided to go with the flow and rock my curly/poofy/straight ‘fro’.

But…I was going through my beauty closet recently as I am moving to another apartment soon. And I found my Moisture Barrier from John Frieda. And totally forgot about this lifesaver. It really works – of course if you put your head under the shower obviously not – but if it’s raining and the weather is really humid this product work wonders and helps you to maintain your hairstyle.

If you ever struggle with hair that’s difficult to tame, you should definitely try this.


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