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Welcome to Career Girl Daily!

An online, inspiring destination for young, career-minded women. CareerGirlDaily.com is your daily guide to all things career, fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Career Girl Daily is the creation of two girls who decided to work together and create an online lifestyle guide for young, career-minded women.  They loved the idea of talking with other women about their careers and goals in life, but in a more ‘feminine’ way. With a team of ambitious girls, we cover the lifestyle of female entrepreneurs, career women and young girls at the beginning of their career

We hope you love it as much as we do!

XO Team Career Girl Daily



  1. Amanda Winchester says

    I love this blog and the advice I have benefited from! Real life Sex and the City. Thank you for inspiring me :) xxx

    Amanda Winchester ♥ | AmandaSays

  2. Rose McCarthy says

    Your site is absolutely inspirational! This post was great for a new blogger like me!

  3. Becca says

    Hey girls,

    You’re blog is fab, a daily read has become part of my routine I think! Doing such a fab job, I think you articulate the thoughts of every twenty something girl. Really enjoying it! x



  4. Amanda B says

    Just came across this site and have fallen in love! Great, relatable, and useful articles :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Michelle says

    I really love your blogs! Love the layout and topics! Very interesting!!

    – Michelle | http://www.earthytemptation.com

  6. Toyz says

    I really enjoy reading this blog daily.


  7. Sabrina says

    I came here when you followed me on instagram and now I’m in love with your blog :) thank you!

  8. Mildly Moody says

    Great blog. I can’t wait to read your articles every day, especially your career articles. They always inspire me :)

    PS- I just started a brand new blog. Its called Mildly Moody and its aimed towards female entrepreneurs and career driven IT girls. Perhaps you can take a look? Now following you!
    xoxo Cori


  9. Kim says

    I really love stopping by your blog. It’s crafted well and very entertaining. Nice job!

  10. Emily says

    I find this blog a great platform for career minded women.
    I’ve recently set up a blog which follows my journey into the world of setting up my own business whilst working a full time job, and it’s great to read other blogs which inspire women to take their career to the next level.

  11. Erica J. Hughes says

    A responsible career-oriented person creates life balances for a better living. We must learn how to make choices thru life coaching.

  12. Paige C. says

    Just started reading and i love you guys! i am a 15 year old girl and just starting to get a taste of the real world (as much as i can at this age) and you guys are really inspiring xxxxx

  13. Maria B. Andreassen says

    I’m a blogger from Denmark, and I just wanted to tell you that this blog is simply amazing. Love every single piece of your work!

    Thank you for inspiring me and helping me develop myself and my blog :)

    // Maria B. Andreassen


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