Amal Clooney Is Taking ISIS To Court

photo: via Harpers Bazaar


Amal Clooney is taking on ISIS. Yep, you heard me right.

She made an appearance on US show Today to announce she was risking her life to take on the terrorist group in court. And George Clooney supports her fully.

“This is something I discussed with my husband before I would take on something like this,” she revealed. “We did discuss it. And we are aware of some of the risks involved.” Amal took her client Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Nadia Murad with her onto the show, Nadia was captured by ISIS when she was just 19. Six of her eight brothers were killed and she was then forced to become a sex slave.

“This is no joke; this is ISIS,” she said. “They have sent her really specific threats saying, ‘We will get you back . . . we will do everything to you . . . I met her, and I just thought, ‘I can’t walk away.”

“I can’t imagine anything worse being done by one human to another,” Amal said, with tears in her eyes. She believes that in order to defeat ISIS, you must expose them, as ISIS is more than a group, they are an idea.

“You can’t kill an idea that way. I think one of the ways to take action is to expose their brutality and their corruption, and partly you can do that through trials.”

This comes on the heels of her speech at the UN where she told the general assembly, “I wish I could say that I was proud to be here, but I’m not. I’m ashamed as a human being that we ignore their cries for help.”


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