4 Reasons Lupita Nyong’o Is Your Next Girl Crush

  • Lupita for Elle UK via Aandrphotographic.co.uk

The last few years have was certainly been epic for  Lupita Nyong’o.

Both in terms of acting and fashion she has absolutely killed it. She won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for 12 Years A Slave. She graced the cover of Vogue and has often been placed top of the best dressed lists due to her  incredible outfit choices. The big question is, how did she do it?!

1.  She started from the bottom 

We love it when a star starts from the bottom and climbs to the top through hard work and determination. Lupita is a true example of this. She started out her career as a member of the production crew. Lupita drew inspiration from the actors on set. When she realised her goal was to move to the other side of the camera she put in the hours and it paid of tenfold.

2. She studied acting

A lot of famous actors have not been formally trained and we respect them for that! Their natural talent and ability is incredible. We love Lupita for training to perfect her art and undertaking a Masters at the Yale school of drama . This shows the level of dedication and commitment she has to her craft. This makes her a true source of inspiration for career girls everywhere.

3. She knows her talents

Lupita is one talented young lady. Her performances are amazing to watch. Her ability has been recognised by critics worldwide.  She has turned her hand to Broadway and wowed audiences there. Confidence to play to your strengths and know what your good qualities are will help you go after your dreams!

4. She has values.

Often Hollywood stars are seen as living the celebrity high life without any real life perspective. This is far from the truth when considering Lupita. The reality when it comes her is very different. She has goals and ambitions. She really cares for what she believes in and is willing to be heard. Lupita has a particular love of elephants. So much so that she is  an advocate for the conservation organisation WildAid, specifically their Global Elephant Ambassador. Staying true to your values throughout your life and career is an admirable quality that all Career Girls should keep in mind!

A talented fashion icon with rock solid principles. Lupita is definitely someone to keep on your radar.

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