Amazing Career Lessons From Lawyer, Activist And Author Amal Clooney

Lawyer, activist and author, Amal Clooney offers us some very important life lessons that are worth considering. She stood up for herself when the press labelled her as nothing more than George Clooney’s wife, and she’s proven that intellectual women are definitely in style. Here are some valuable lessons we learned from wonder woman Amal Clooney.

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Stand up for what you believe in

Amal has made a career out of standing up for other people who have been treated unfairly. She is a barrister who specialises in International criminal law and human rights. Like Amal, if you believe in something, don’t be afraid to stand up for it.

Your background doesn’t define you

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Amal’s upbringing was a far cry from what she is today. Her parents migrated to England with Amal and her siblings during the clutches of the Lebanese civil war. Despite this, she went on to become a world-renowned lawyer who also got to be Mrs Clooney. Whatever background you come from should not stop you from reaching for seemingly unattainable goals. You are as important and as worthy as the next person to be something great.

Set your goal, and then go and achieve it

Amal spent many years in education so she could get to where she is now. She graduated from Oxford and New York Universities before starting her job as a barrister. From when she started school as a young girl, she remained focused on the end goal of becoming a human rights lawyer. Us career girls are all too familiar with setting goals but sometimes they may seem unachievable. However, regardless of how long it takes to reach the end, with a bit of hard work, we will achieve whatever goal we set ourselves.

Be proud of your style

We all know that Amal Clooney has got brains, but her fashion sense is pretty fantastic too. Her style has been featured in Vogue and Elle magazines among others. She is the ultimate career girl pin-up who reminds us that even if you’re in a mega rush you should feel comfortable and confident in your own workwear style.

By Samantha Maden



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