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‘Tis the season of having people round your house and eating dinner/drinking wine together. It’s my favorite time of the year actually, getting to see people you haven’t seen in a while, catch up, enjoy a drink (or two, or three!) and some delicious food and party. The only problem is, hosting a party can be a bit of a pain. Last year we hosted a Christmas fancy dress party and I was obsessively collecting spreadsheets and chasing RSVPs.



Lauren Conrad has made it a little easier for us all with her book, Celebrate. Here are a couple of gems of advice that will help you this season!

Send your invitations out at least four weeks in advance!
“People’s calendars fill up quickly, but sending the invitations too early risks them being misplaced or forgotten about. Obviously, for weddings and larger-scale events that may require travel, you should afford your guests additional time, while two weeks’ notice is enough time for a smaller, more casual gathering.”

Greet and introduce everybody!
“Social gatherings can be intimidating, so do your best to make each guest feel comfortable. (Take a note from Bridget Jones and try to offer an interesting fact about each person to help spark a conversation!)

Avoid serving antisocial foods!
“Keep the menu simple and familiar. Do not serve heavily garlic- or onion-infused dishes. Socializing with stinky breath is not good for anyone involved.”

@leslieannebruce and I wrote a book! And tonight we celebrated!! #lccelebrate

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Don’t break the bank looking for decor!
“I’m an avid flea market shopper, so I’ll scour booths looking for antique glass bottles. You’d be amazed at the beautiful vessels that were used in the past to package everyday products…For our dinner party tablescape, I chose a variety of tinted glass bottles and filled them with wispy, brightly colored wildflowers like ranunculus, cosmos, marigolds, and oregano flower.”

Ready to polish your hosting skills and learn how LC throws the best parties? Celebrate is available here.

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    Haha, not serving antisocial food is such a great point!
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