4 Tips For Being A Successful First Time Manager



More and more managerial positions are becoming available to younger people. But many of us feel unprepared for the responsibility that comes with their exciting job. Some reasons for this include a lack of confidence and an inability to think far enough ahead to give proper, clear direction. So we’ve compiled a list of things to help you lead your team and be the best manager you can be, whatever your age or experience!

1. Think Ahead

Plan both short term and long term. What are your weekly goals? What are your monthly goals? What are your quarterly goals? Carefully think these through and document them. A good tip is to sit down and plan weekly goals for both yourself and your team every Monday morning, and then go through these in a Monday morning meeting.

2. Good Communication

It’s important your team members know what you expect from them. What are their tasks and when are they due? Weekly/daily meetings to touch base and go through these are useful, so everyone knows where they stand. Stick to 1-2 forms of communication too – emails and meetings are the most popular. Once you start including texts/phone calls, messages can get lost in translation!

3. Inspire and Motivate

For a really successful output of work from your team, the office should be inspiring and motivating. A good manager is a key part of this! Make sure you know everyone’s name/nickname, send around inspiring tips and quotes, encourage tea/coffee consumption for those who need it, be upbeat in meetings and supportive of any concerns or problems that people may bring up.

4. Fake It ‘Till You Make It

If you’re nervous, shy, or uncertain, you won’t inspire confidence in your team. Being a manager means being a leader – so fake it ’till you make it. And make sure any bad moods from outside work don’t find their way into the work space and to your team because it will affect their mood and productivity too!

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Larissa Scotting

English Literature graduate from King's College London turned freelance writer. Lover of books, tea, Dickens, Otis Redding, and her cockapoo puppy Roly!

  • Charissa

    Thanks for these tips, not just for managers but for any kind of job I think,
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