No Need For Magic, These Products Banish Stressed Skin For Good


Having a stressed day is a common thing for us career girls, and many of us have go-to stress relievers when coming home from a busy work day. Whether it’s a freshly brewed cup of joe, a tall glass of red wine or a soothing foot bath, calming down and letting go of the day is always helpful for fighting stress. But have you ever considered your beauty range could do the same thing for your skin as a glass of wine does for your soul?

Of course, it’s hard to remember that stress takes its toll all over the body, and might start showing on your skin, from dullness to small lines, so while you’re busy meditating, your stressed skin is crying out for hydration and relaxation. Why not try some products that will help to improve your gorgeous complexion while giving you a lovely calming moment to reduce the stress of your busy day?

Skyn Iceland 

The Icelandic skin care brand has made a range of anti-stress products for stressed skin and one of them is their Arctic Face Oil made from 99.9% Camelina oil. Applied to the face after cleansing provides it with an important amount of moisture and calmness – and you can even use the oil for split cuticles! Genius!

Skyn Iceland has made a “Face-Lift In-a-Bag” too, a genius invention for the busy career girl. Applying a mask has never been easier, and it allows you to reply to e-mails or watch your favorite show in the 10 minutes it has to be worn. This mask stops wrinkles in their tracks and is both moisturizing, soft and cooling on a tired face – and most importantly, it is a real stress reliever!

The Body Shop French Lavender Massage Oil 

The Body Shop has released a collection titled “Spa of the World” where the massage oil is from. Crawl into your hot bath with a magazine or some relaxing music and drip a couple of drops of this oil into the bubbly water, smell the lavender and just relax! Guaranteed to help you get a long night’s sleep.

So, try out these products if you need a bit of a de-stress after a particularly frazzling day. Don’t forget you should be taking care of your skin just as much as you take care of what’s underneath it.

Photo credit: Emilie Haaber for Career Girl Daily

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