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Are you glued to your phone? Us, too. Every week we download and discover new apps to help us manage our lives, stalk our exes and filter our faces.

Our phones make us unbelievably happy, they’re our companions so we’re never alone, our maps so we’re never lost and our personal photographers so we always look flawless. Now they can be our office assistant, too! Cut the distractions and cue the productivity with these smart working apps!

Khan Academy (free)
Gone are the days of learning requiring a huge pile of books. Now you can be open to a whole world of knowledge in one little device. With over 10,000 videos and explanations in whatever subject you desire, you’ll have as much knowledge as you can handle with virtually no effort at all. Read our list of websites that will help you learn business skills here.

Doodle (free)
If you’ve ever found yourself struggling to keep up with life’s demands, then you need this app. A popular scheduling service, Doodle acts as your own personal assistant, keeping your plans in check so that you don’t have to.

Swipe Keyboard ($3.99)
While we are all pretty handy with the keyboards that are fingers are constantly glued to, there’s always room for us to be faster. Allowing you to type without lifting a finger, this tool even spell-checks for you. A whole lot of inconveniences when trying to communicate in a hurry will be instantly eliminated.

Pomotodo (free)
When you have a lot to do it’s only natural to want to work every waking second. The trouble with that is, your mind needs a break. This app will help your time to be much more productive, encouraging much-needed intervals in your work. Check out this article to find out how we created structured morning routines for success!

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An Advertising student at Bournemouth University, who is currently undergoing a placement year at a PR agency in London.

  • Twinkins

    These apps sound great! Especially for me trying to balance home life and study life. I will definetly be checking out Pomotodo. Hopefully it comes in handy with my revision for my exams coming up.

  • Camille Beygui

    Awesome ! Thanks for sharing

  • Jasmine Eclipse

    Pomotodo is the best! Thank you for sharing these apps and sites!

    Jasmine /

  • Hippie Fish Beach Art

    wow, thanks

  • Tiny T

    Khan Academy seems like a great app, I’m always up to learning something new. Thank you for sharing!

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