3 Apps To Help You Get More Fun Out Of Life

I’m not a huge fan of having too many apps. I feel like keeping my cell phone clean and organized helps my productivity way more than having a huge number of apps. Still there are some I cannot live without, so here I have gathered for you, my three apps of the week!

#1 Fever

This is my new number one app! Even though it only works for those living in one of the seven cities London, New York, Madrid, Barcelona, Málaga, Sevilla, and Valencia, I’m sure that alternatives for other cities exist as well. It provides you with all kinds of events in your area from yoga classes to party discounts. So you can get ahead and plan your week around the event you’

#2 Candy Camera

Right now this is my favorite app when it comes to taking pictures! Not only does it have amazing filters, but it is also able to not only apply the filter after the picture’s been taken but while you’re taking the picture. If you want perfect selfies and great photographs of your night out, try Candy Camera!

#3 Do It (Tomorrow)

After writing down a task, you have to option to move it from “today” to “tomorrow”. For us Career Girls it’s usually just not possible to fulfill all our tasks “today” and with this app you don’t need to write them down again, so you can push some tasks forward and have more time doing the things that matter.

Featured photo: Wearing It Today

  1. These look useful! I try to keep my phone quite bare too, I hardly have any games as I find they distract me from everything! It’s better to keep to the essentials I find!

    Jemima x

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