3 Time Saving Apps That Will Change Your Life

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Career girls know that being organized leads to a productive day. To be on top of your game, it would be wise to consider using some of this amazing time-saving apps!

1. Dragon Dictation

If you’re super busy and don’t have time to type that email then download this app! It allows you to dictate an email, text message or even Twitter post. Save yourself heaps of time and auto correct frustration by relying on this helpful little app. We promise you won’t look back!

2. Timeful

This is a personal fave. This handy app lets you keep track of the things you want to do as well as noting the things you must do. Amazing. For example, it lets you track your exercise or water intake whilst listing your necessary life admin. It’s important to keep all aspects of your life on track and to achieve balance. This tool will certainly assist with that goal.

3. 30/30

Is time management a major issue? Procrastination your favourite pass time? Then you need this awesome app in your life. The difference between assuming how long a task will take you versus the true reality can often be shocking. When we time ourselves working we are often much more productive. This app will allow you to set some tasks and allocate time to complete them. The app will then tell you when to move on. Our thoughts? It’s incredible!

Featured photo via: Fanny Lyckman

  1. Truly excited about this post! I’m trying to find ways to keep up with my day and the apps shared (immediately downloaded) seem to be great tools to begin a better and more organized 24 hours.

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