5 Apps That Will Improve Your Work Day

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There is only so much we can do in a day. Between working, sleeping, eating healthy and catching up with friends, it seems impossible trying to have it all. But successful Career Girls will know that apps are a lifesaver when it comes to balancing, or shall I say juggling everything. Because who doesn’t want to know how to make the most of those working hours, and still having energy afterward.

1. Self Control

This app is best used with your laptop. Gather all the websites that distract you and list them on your blacklist. Set a timer, and in that time your laptop does not allow you to visit these websites. Every inch of temptation is deleted and your productivity is at it’s all time high! I’ll admit, it’s a love and hate relationship with this app, but you will be thankful when you turn into super productive wonder woman. Find it here.

2. Headspace

It took me awhile to commit to this app, but I am so grateful that I did. Headspace is an app that helps you meditate and better your focus in the different tasks of your day. Taking ten minutes out of your busy hours to help center your focus for the next couple of hours is a great way to improve your work day. Speaking from experience, it’s been a couple of weeks, and I can already feel a difference in my work ethic and see improvement in my work. The best part about it is that you get to try it for free for ten days and witness the growth for yourself before committing to a longer time period. Find it here.

3. Five-Minute Journal

This app presents a great way to begin your day. It also comes in the form of a book! The five-minute journal was created by two entrepreneurs who want to help people improve their daily efficiency. I’ve been using this for over a year and the app is great! It has you record what you are grateful for, along with what you will do to make that day great.

Lastly (my favorite part), you have a daily affirmation finishing the sentence I am _. All in five minutes!  Later in the day, you revisit the app and record three things that you enjoyed about the day and one thing you think could have gone better. It helps you stay productive and keep in mind what you can do to do better in the future. Truly an app to help you stay present and do your best during the day. Find it here.

4. Podio

This app is perfect for group projects and collaborations. The members of your team can be sitting in the office next to you, or sitting in an office miles away. Still, projects stay organized, and every participant stays on the same page! The app carries so many features to improve projects, so there is at least one feature destined to help assist and perfect your group work! Find it here.

5. Checkmark

Checkmark is an app that is set to remind you of what it is you need to get done. But it’s not so much of a ‘check-list’, so to speak. Instead, it uses your location to remind you of the tasks you need to complete. It reduces the run-around and makes great use of your time. Also, you can manually set a reminder for yourself with no more than a couple of tap-tap of the finger. An app you don’t want to sleep on! Find it here.



What apps do you use to improve your work day? 

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