Are The Products All The Bloggers Love Worth The Hype?

As a makeup junkie, I like to think I have my finger firmly on the pulse of what’s hot. But for some reason it’s taken me a long time to try out Smashbox products, despite all the amazing things I’ve heard about the brand.

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So what is it about Smashbox that bloggers love? Is it their super chic packaging and branding? The fact that the products are born out of a photo studio which means that all the products are selfie approved? Or maybe it’s just that they are so unique and cool? Whatever it is, if the bloggers are buzzing about it, I have to try it. So I headed to Oxford Street and picked up some Smashbox essentials to try.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

Yes, we’ve written about this before and we’re going mad for primers at the moment – I know. But, I had to see for myself if the Photo Finish Primer is worth the hype. Winner of the Company beauty awards ‘#bloggerapproved’ award back in 2013, I needed to see if this was as good as they say. Honestly, this product surprised me. It’s nothing like other primers, it’s actually liquid. It’s closer in consistency to a makeup remover than a primer but for some reason it works.

I actually prefer this to my other primers because this one doesn’t make my foundation ‘sticky’, and it stops it from clinging to any dry patches (hands up if you struggle with winter skin?) the one great thing about this primer is that it is most definitely for selfies. And it looks great with the flash on because it’s not oily! I’m gonna look great at Xmas parties, that’s for sure.

Smashbox High Definition Liquid Concealer

Anything that says ‘HD’ on it is a win for me. I want it to be HD, whatever that means, so I snapped up the High Definition Liquid Concealer, too. It fits snugly in a purse and is one of those products that is just too cute to use.

It has a precision applicator (which is basically a cool nozzle to slide the concealer onto your face) and it also works as a good eyelid primer. I’ve been needing a liquid concealer for the longest time, and this one is so lightweight and soft that you can build up the coverage on your face. It’s perfect for anyone who needs an oil-free, easy to apply conditioner.

Smashbox Full Exposure Eyeshadow Palette

I opened the tester of this palette and fell head over heels in love. I just had to have it! I’m sure if any of you girls are as excited about eyeshadow as I am you’ll feel the same. The Full Exposure Eyeshadow Palette has 14 shades perfect for a neutral or smokey eye. Ranging from creamy white to deep matte black, but the real jewel of this palette is the super pigmented sparkly shades, you can layer them on top of your matte shades, or use them on their own for a light sparkle.

It even comes with an eye shape chart to help you identify your eye shape and create a look that’s perfect for you. Oh and the colours are crease resistant so they won’t stick to your concealer, or create lines in your lids.


Overall I’d have to say that Smashbox products are 100% worth the hype, as someone who loves a good selfie, these products look great in real life and even better on camera. They are perfect for creating your smoky, flawless winter look and will see you through hot nightclubs and cold winter days! 

PS. If you want to get someone you love some Smashbox products this Xmas, why not try their seriously giftable Art. Love. Color Studio Set. The products have a $79 value and contain the bestsellers for lids, lashes and lips, packaged in Yago Hortal’s one-of-a-kind, vivid artwork. Bingo!

 Photography Regine Manoy for CGD